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Posted in Toddlers on 12th July 2011

Food Choices to Keep Toddler Healthy

Toddlers are very selective when it comes to food items. You may or may not be giving them the healthy food items but they will eat what they like. However, there are a lot of food choices to keep toddler healthy and stay fit.  Toddlers require the best food items that could provide them with excellent nutrition and all necessary elements. At the time when they are just growing, they need proper diet so that their growing muscles and bones get proper nutrient to become strong. So, you must give them the right food that will help them grow fast.

Just like a building need a strong foundation, similarly body of the toddler need healthy and nutrients rich food so that it grows strongly in a proper way. Therefore, it is the parents’ effort that could develop a sense of eating healthy in toddlers. If your toddler, just like other toddlers, eats limited food items then you could try out giving different food items that are healthy. If the toddler will be given a lot of items it is more likely that he / she like some of them. Being a parent, you would understand the taste of your toddler and then could feed him with the best of the food.

Parents have to play an important role in developing toddlers taste. Even if your child rejects a vegetable or fruit today, you must try to give same food again after some days. It helps them revive the taste of a food item and maybe he starts liking the food.  Some parents become a little strict to their toddlers and again it is in effort to develop their taste. Such parents give them nutrients food despite of their disliking. When the child is hungry and left with no other food item to eat, he will eat that food only. Such method could be adopted but with extra cautious otherwise your toddler could become the little nasty.

Fruits are the best food items that could be given to toddlers. They are rich in vital nutrients. Fruits are easily digestible and therefore your toddler may love them. You can encourage children to start having fruits by having them yourself. It is the best way to give fruits to your children. Children learn from and follow what their parents are doing and therefore, if you are having healthy food then certainly your child may love to have them.

Another food choice that you could go for, when looking choices to keep toddler healthy is baby food. There is a lot of baby food available in the markets that are rich in vital nutrients. And if your toddler love to have snacks then search out the snack items that have some calcium, vitamins and protein contents. You should also give them food items made up of milk. Milk is rich source of calcium and therefore must to fuel your toddler’s growing bones and muscles.

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