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Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question by Curious : Follow-up to “What is the going rate for young people care …” Question?
Obviously, some clarity is needed here. I have no children so I do not know what child care costs these days, whether it’s me from a licensed facility or from a “babysitter in the neighborhood” ‘s. I stayed with the boy as a “favor” for a friend with me to pay after the fact. To be clear, I stayed at her home over a 5 1 / 2 day period, effectively monitor and care “as a parent means” for her two boys. I am an adult in my mid 40s who works full time in an office, I’m not a teenager without the responsibility of my own. The period of direct supervision was 7 hours per week (3.5 days), the weekend was 17 hours per day, including cooking meals 3 times a day. I reached out to assess this community, what the “average cost” would be for child care, overnight stays, cooking food (not only from the order), and parenthood. I would like to ask for “fair” compensation from my friend and not an exorbitant amount of money. . Thank you for your previous answers Best Answer:

response from Chuck Norris
I think at least $ 24,000 a year at the mindestensim rich so its more than that

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