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Florida Child Support Collection Services

In Florida, child support is a branch of the family law where it has been made obligatory on the part of the non custodial parent for payment of child support to the custodial parent or a child support agency. The main purpose for this payment is for the use of welfare and support of the child. It is also used towards providing the child with various other aspects ranging from clothing to school fees. The aim and mission of the child support has been kept with a view of taking care of those children of parents who are separating or have separated due to various reasons.

For getting child support, the first and foremost task will be to file a case with the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) which is the body that is responsible for child support collection cases. Once you have filed the case it may take some time ranging from 6 months to a year for finalization of the issue. Once the case has been finalized and the amount of child support calculated and settled, it is obligatory on the part of the non custodial parent to pay the child support regularly.

However there may be cases when the non custodial parent has a job outside the State of Florida or they change their employers frequently, or may also be intentionally evading payment of child support. In such cases it may be difficult to get back child support. Under such circumstances the custodial parent may use some of the Florida child support collection services to ensure that the parent is located and they either make child support payment or suffer the consequences as per law.

The most common method for getting back the child support is withholding the income of the erring parent. The employer of the non custodial parent may use this method to automatically deduct child support payments from his or her paycheck just as income taxes are deducted and then directly to the child support agency for disbursement to the parent who has custody of the child or children.

In Florida in addition to withholding of income, other methods are used to enforce a court order for child support and collecting past due child support payments that may be due. Some of these methods are credit bureau reporting, establishing liens against personal or real properties, denial or suspension of license, revoking passports, intercepting tax refunds, any amount won through lottery, unemployment funds, or the workers’ compensation payments, garnishing bank accounts and using enforcements through court orders.

In some of the severe cases, where it has not been successful in obtaining child support payments using the enforcement methods mentioned above, it is the duty of the child support agency to ask the courts to take action against the debtor. The court may imprison the debtor or he or she may be required to submit a bond agreeing to pay the child support payments timely in future.

There are a number of agencies in Florida which are working aschild support collection services. These agencies have a wide network all over the country. The main work of these agencies is to ensure effective child support collection and disbursement of the same.

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