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first thank u all 4 the help i “won”custody of my little man.child support?
i am takeing your advice and going to the state for child support.she does not want me to but at the custody “meeting” she wanted to know about support and she was told that was not to be done then. i was told she must be there to be part of the support prosess. i live in Pa. and wanted to know is that true and how do i start the prosess. she was given a state web site to check but she has not given me the site yet.can some one help me find the web site? does she have to go to the child support “thing” or cam i do it alone?
no i did not give birth to him and i did not father him.she had an afairand hid it till a year ago. he is my son by fact that she gave him my name at birth.he is my son and i have had him living alone w me for the last 5 years of his 10 years of life and till now i did not need her help i was helping her.do not give your opinion! i need help for him not me she abandoned him with me and now he needs more help then i can do my self.
the father has no idea that he is alive she never saw him after she found out she was w child

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Answer by yallerose
Call the child support master in your county and ask, they will have the web site for you.

Answer by LYON O
as a parent of a child both parents are responsible for the support of the child. custody is only considered in as much as how often does the child stay with each parent, but regardless of that, both parents are responsible for support, and all parties are subject to paying support. usually the primary, or custodial parent will receive the support from the other parent. support is based on income, yours and hers combined, and a percentage is then assigned to each parent regarding monetary support as well as health care and the payment of all associated health care bills. she does not have to be a part of the process for you to obtain support, but it is in her best interests, as not representing yourself the courts will base the amount of support on guidelines only, not taking into consideration any extenuating circumstances.

wow mich typically what is wrong with or court system today is your automatic assumption that a child should go with mommy no matter what. typically most infanticidal acts are committed by the mother, not the father. wow your education is showing( home schooled at the trailer park, and you probably still dropped out because you were pregnant at age 15) but i bet that state support helps you enjoy spewing out a whole litter of children from numerous fathers.

ok now your treading a finer line in that you are not a biological parent of the child, but if you truly have custodial rights, then you should receive child support from the mother, but beware, the biological father can petition for custody also. and it sounds like that would be very disrupting, so tread lightly so that you do not capsize your boat. and good luck. the world truly needs more people who care more about their children than themselves. hats off to you

Answer by Mich
Admit it, you really wanted custody so you could get child support instead of paying it, right? Typical man.
Unless she’s a drug addict, insane or a criminal, the fact that you didn’t give birth to that child should have *automatically* lost you the custody battle.

Answer by Chels

Answer by Single DaD
Congrats to you. Good fathers are hard to find. I Have custody of my 2 kids. Its only been a year for me though. My ex-wife is suppose to pay child support of $ 200 a month and still does not do that. I know it is a hard life but I have gotten used to her not helping. You do what you need to do. I say go after her for the support. You need it. If she pays she pays, Consider it extra money for him. Do not depend on it. Do not make it part of your budget. It might not always be there. Good Luck. Sorry I don’t know the site.

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