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Finish the story………?
The story is about a country mouse who went to go see his friend the city mouse in the city of ratopolis. It begins with him waking up in the morning happy to see his friend. he eats vegetables and cheese for breakfast then goes to the bus station. there he meets a bird who tells him about how great it is. When he gets there he meets his friend and they go to the city mouses apartment. THere they eat alot then fall asleep. The next day country mouse wakes up and hears a knock at the door. When he is about to open it the city mouse tries to tell him to stop but country mouse opens it anyways. THere at the door is a giant yellow eyed cat.

SO finish the story please. it can be anything such as the cat simply asking for milk or eating the mice

Best answer(s):

Answer by Alex – Æsahættr
Then the cat ate the mouse.

Answer by <-------->
The cat trips over his tail, falling headfirst into a pail of milk that conveniently is right there. The country mouse runs back to the country, and the city mouse dances on the cat’s head.

Answer by Michelle
Kitty swipes, Country Mouse ducks, and slams the door just in time, heart thumping in his tiny chest. City Mouse gives Country Mouse a good talking to about life in the city and the dangers that loom large.

“Never mind,” says City Mouse. “We’re safe as long as we stay in here. Now let’s have some breakfast.”

Country Mouse is really looking forward to a nice slice of sharp cheddar or a smelly bit of roquefort, when suddenly they realize there’s no cheese left! They ate it all in their feast last night.

“We’ll have to raid The Fridge,” says City Mouse.
“What’s The Fridge?” asks Country Mouse.
“It’s like heaven, only bigger and colder,” replies City Mouse, who goes on to describe all the wondrous delights found in The Fridge.

So they hatch a plan.

Kitty, sitting on her rug by the fire, suddenly hears a knock at the mice’s door.

“I’m afraid we’re stuck,” shouts City Mouse from inside. “We can’t get out and we’ll starve if we’re left in here. We’ll make a deal: if you can open the door, we’ll let you eat one of us.”

Kitty, sitting by the door, agrees to the plan, knowing full well that if she opens the door she’ll eat them both.

So she scratches and nudges and prods with her nose, but the door stays stuck.

Meanwhile, City Mouse leads Country Mouse round to the back door of his home which opens into another room. City Mouse checks that the coast is clear, and they scamper passed blue balls and stuffed bears (Country Mouse was scared it was another cat) and other things you’d expect to find in a toddler’s room… including a toddler.

“Moush?” a giant voice booms above them.

Country Mouse squeaks at the top of his lungs as the huge toddler lunges at him. “Run!” cries City Mouse, grabbing his friend by the tail and dragging him toward the door. But it’s too late — the toddler’s cries have attracted the attention of Mother… and Kitty.

City Mouse and Country Mouse dodge the tree-like stems that are Mother’s legs as they bounce left and right, screaming “Mouse! Mouse!” They bound out of reach of Toddler’s pudgy fingers, crying “Moush! Moush!” But there’s no avoiding Kitty’s claws. As they turn the corner from the bedroom to the hall, a tuft of fur and a spike of nail lash across Country Mouse’s chest and jail him between four ivory bars.

“Purrrrr-haps you forgot our arrangement?” says Kitty, whiskers twitching.

City Mouse stares in horror from behind a potted palm as Kitty opens her mouth wide.

But just as Kitty moves paw to mouth, a lemon falls out of the sky and lands on Kitty’s razor sharp teeth, squirting lemon juice in her eyes.

Kitty drops Country Mouse, who looks up in time to see a swoosh of feathers overhead.

It seems that the Bird that Country Mouse encountered on the way to the city was so enamored with his story of Ratopolis that she followed Country Mouse’s bus all the way to the city, and all the way to his friend’s house.

Your turn…. what happens next? (This is classic Tom and Jerry, by the way. Have fun with your writing!)

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