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Posted in Toddlers on 26th December 2010

Finding Toddler Beds

You may often find them in your own bed, hiding beneath the sheets, and not letting it go. While you look at them in the middle of the night pleased at how your child had grown so much over the years, you realize that it’s probably the best time to get them their own toddler bed.

When to Buy Toddler Beds?

Toddler beds make it easier for the kids to get used to sleeping in a regular bed from getting too comfortable sleeping in a crib. The usual age of a child who needs to be transitioned from a crib to a regular bed through the use of toddler’s bed is 2 to 5 years old.

Tip 1: Some kids may find it unappealing to sleep alone in their own room and in their own toddler bed. The best way to deal with this is by making the room and the bed itself look attractive enough for the child to sleep in. Set a motif like sailor-inspired look for your boy toddler who often talks to you about wanting to be a sailor.

Where to Find Toddler Beds?

Probably one of the best parenting experiences is shopping for your child’s needs like clothes, eating utensils, and toys. And still pregnant mothers buy a few things ahead of time. The joy in having to raise a child and tend to their needs is unlike anything else. Finding toddler beds has now been made easier with numerous online shops that sell just about anything. And there are even a few places dedicated to providing parents hassle free shopping for their kids’ needs.

Tip 2: Online shopping gives you a large variety to chose from at the best prices. No need to wander from one shopto another looking for the best deal – just hop online, select from various online shops, pay securely and get it delivered.

They come in different designs, shapes, colors and, not to mention, price tags. But the most important thing to consider when buying a toddler bed is safety and comfort, and then everything else follows.

Buying Toddler Beds

A Few Things to Remember

Your kid’s safety and comfort comes before anything else. There are a lot of toddler beds in the market that gives parents just the right number of options to make the right decision of which to buy. And here are a few things to remember before pulling out your wallet.

The Price Tag

There’s a sleigh-type toddler bed made of light wooden material and it comes with a clean whitewashed finish in variety of colors. Then you have a few that have unique shape and designs making them more attractive for your toddler – such as a boat shape, blue/pink color beds. The price of a toddler bed will primarily depend on the material, design and where you’re buying it from. Click here for the best price on toddler beds.

Tip 3: If you are thinking of buying a toddler bed online, look for places that offer discounts or Free Shipping.


Choosing the perfect design for your kid’s toddler bed can be easy and fun. The first thing to think about is what appeals to your child the most. You may want to consider the cartoon shows they watch the most. This will tell exactly what design, color and shape of the bed to choose.

Tip 4: Build up their interest in a character of a cartoon. Make them look forward to having a new bed – that will be only theirs and no one else can share it.

Your Child’s Safety

Wooden toddler beds are better than the ones made of metal. They are lighter and less likely to cause any injury. And always choose a good mattress that gives them the right amount of comfort they need for a good night’s sleep.

Tip 5: Corner and edge bumpers help prevent your child from getting unpleasant head bumps from the edges of his toddler bed. Look for a design that will avoid such injuries.

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