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Posted in Child Care on 10th November 2010

question of Discombobulate : Do feminists take over the majority of men / fathers do little when it comes to their home / children ?
Feminists say they are “to be responsible relieve the double shift of women to work and child care” for fighting. First of all, no one forces you to have kids. OK, why feminists assume that fathers do little or nothing when it comes to care for their child? My father certainly has a lot to me. Sure women are still the majority of the house hold chores, but maybe some women do nothing about it, eh? And the father can not do this type of task, but that does not mean he is sitting drunk on the sofa all day. It seems that most men do a lot of the house, the outside work. Why would you assume that the majority of men do not contribute at all Best Answer:

answer Know It All
Modern feminists who are in power are fighting for their personal agenda – not necessarily for women. What is women get really by-products (and what men earn only waste products). There are several categories of gender warriors who fight the “feminists” to achieve their own goals, but pretending for the sake of all women. They are not for real equality, but for their own version of the Gleichheit.Diese groups must find something to criticize further demonize something they are afraid because they know nothing about it. The majority of posters including those that the stupid man-hater Web sites use as evidence are probably the most uneducated, self-disgust group that I ever met. I do not blame anyone else for anything and I am grateful to have men and women in the West are already legal equality.

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