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Posted in Child Support on 15th December 2010

Father’s Rights And Child Custody | Child Support

Luckily, there are many aspects of child support that are federally mandated and each state has different laws in regard to a father’s rights in child support.

Child support is granted when one parent becomes the custodian.  The other parent will be granted visitation rights and schedules will be set up by the court systems in your jurisdiction.  These arrangements are legally binding.  Many fathers may experience trouble with the mother granting the visitation as outline and will withhold child support as a form of retaliation.  Unfortunately, this is not the way to go about this.  If you pay child support and are not being granted your rightful visitation, you should contact the courts or an attorney to settle the matter legally.  In the meantime, paying your court ordered child support is mandatory.  Keep in mind that non-payment of court ordered child support can lead to punitive conditions such as jail time.

Each state is required by federal law to mandate a schedule of calculating how much child support should be paid.  Essentially, this figure is devised by using your earnings, the cost of raising your child, the number of children in question as well as any special needs that the child may have.  If the mother is the custodial parent, her ability or lack thereof in supporting the children can also be used.  This is why it is up to you to offer as much accurate information as possible in order to have child support payments that are affordable.  A father’s rights in child support do not change should you lose your job or become laid off; and any changes to the frequency or amount have to be filed by both parents within the court system.

Another aspect of father’s rights in child support is to collect it himself should he be the custodial parent.  There are many fathers that automatically assume the mother will be granted full custody of the children so they do not fight.  If you have any reason to believe that your spouse is not equipped to handle the children, it is your right as the birth father to take matters into your own hands.  Your best advice is to remain as willing to communicate as possible and avoid moving out of state during custody hearings.  There are many fathers who pay child support only to have their ex move the children out of state.  Because this is so common, your father’s rights have been safeguarded by federal laws which require a parent to meet several guidelines before just moving a child away from you.  Again, you must continue your payment schedule.

If you are having problems asserting your fathers rights in child support or feel that your child’s mother is breaching the contract, it may be a good idea to hire a mediator to work with the two of you.  Attorneys strongly recommend that fathers maintain accurate records and paper trails of all child support paid (or received) and that no blasé agreements are entered into without court intervention anddocumentation.  This is a simple way to protect your self and with the help of a mediator can produce binding changes to child support, custody or visitation rights.  It is common practice for the mediator to be called upon by the Judge to offer recommendations based on their impartial experiences with you and your child’s mother.

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