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Posted in Child Support on 28th June 2012

Father Paying Child support Insufficiently?
Hi, my name is Ben. My parent’s have been divorced for 5 years this November. I live in the state of South Carolina. I don’t know the child support laws, but here it goes. For the past 2 years, and this can be confirmed, my Father was legally suppose to pay my mother $ 1000 dollars a month (as it has been written in the court documents). But, for the past 2 years my Father decided that $ 1000 was too much money to be paying her. He was very threatening about it (hence, the reason they were divorced), and so he tried to get her to sign a document he has eradicated by himself. My Mother would not sign this document he had not formed, and also, they were not paying the child support through the court. So, 2 years later rolls around, and I urge my mother to get an attorney and discuss the situation with her thoroughly. They discussed this matter about 3 weeks ago, and found it appropriate to send him paper saying that “He would need to come to an agreement of paying my mother $ 700 bye the next time period when he pays the child support”. And, that by the court date, he would need to come to an agreement of paying back the $ 16,300 dollars he owed her, which has been furthermore reduced down to $ 10,000 dollars.

-My question is, my father lost his job Monday. On the same week we gave him the papers (Wednesday) explaining the child support and $ 16,000(reduced to $ 10,000) payback he owed us. We were not aware that he was unemployed, we learned of it the next week when the attorney researched his income rate.

***Would the $ 10,000 payback be delayed/reduced/exempted and or changed in any way due to the fact of my Father being unemployed***

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Answer by Poppy
You child have no concern whatsoever in this matter. Child support is not intended for you. It’s for your mother to raise you. The fact that you seem to know so much about all this really bothers me. I hope you father has a good attorney and fights this. Seems to me he’s getting fleeced.

Answer by Rhonda
i don’t know, but I think if he has the money, he will have to pay it since it’s back child support. Tell your Mother to stick with the court system for now on, or your Dad is just going to keep screwing you over.

Answer by ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥
This really doesn’t concern you directly –

Your mother and her attorney needs to handle this and you need to stay out!

Back support would still be owed either way, but this is in no way any of your business

Answer by Willa
Benjamin, buddy, you need to mind your own business. They are the adults and you are the child. This is your father you are talking about. He’s out of work. He’s likely to be out of work for a long time in this economy. Maybe he’s a jerk. Maybe your mother is a jerkette. You need to stay out of adult business.

Answer by kim h
Since this is money he owed over the past five years and has not paid his current employment should not matter. I would not sign a reduced amount. I would make him pay it all. He had no regard for you or if you were taken care of, why would she let him off the hook? I do not know if the laws are the same every where but in Ohio you can petition child support to have his income tax return taken and applied to his arrears. In Ohio you get that paper at the child support bureau. Call and see about in your state.

Answer by I saw whatudid
If the court orders child support in a certain amount, that amount due doesn’t change unless someone petitions the court to change it. If you dad petitions the court, and say they change it to $ 50/month he will still owe the same amount for what is past due ($ 1000/month). If the court didn’t ORDER him to pay the support, that is a totally different story.

The state will enforce support orders for $ 25. I wouldn’t pay an attorney to get support unless there is some unknown reason that Child Support Enforcement can’t do it.

Answer by Common sense isn’t anymore..
regardless of the amount he owes back, the state will only take it at 50-100 a month on top of child support monthly.

He will have to submit his stuff to court and they may re-set the amount. Your mother needs to go to the court though and do this through them.

Answer by Dads boy
No he still owes the grand a month . If he isn’t working they will reduce his payments dramatically . If he is ordered to pay the 10,000 immediately and does not they will place him in jail there for ruining any chance of your mom getting any money at all because it will ruin him . How can a man make money in jail ? they will even suspend his drivers license then how will he get to work or apply for a job if he has no transpiration . Don’t go to hard on him she would Just be screwing herself over

Answer by “HOT SHOT”
The only thing you should know is that you or your mom will never see that money !

Answer by Lili Montegue
Two things you need to google – your state CSE guidelines, and Parental Alienation Syndrome. You will find the answers you are looking for in the first, to a degree, because judges always have leeway in how they can order obligations. If it can be proved that he is unemployed, well, there you are. If he is recieving UE benefits, I am sure you and Mom can motion to garnish a portion of the check.

The second, you will not like, and probably not read, but you need to. I am appalled. Completely and 100% appalled.

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