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Posted in Working Mothers on 22nd January 2011

*FAMILY ISSUES* I do not know what to do anymore!?
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Ok. So a couple months ago my grandmother got surgery. The only people who helped were my mom,dad, and my aunt. My uncle did squat. BTW, Its his mom he is my mom’s asshole of a brother* and my father does more to help my grandmother in a month then he does in a year!!!!! My mom takes her to therapy, right after work after she takes her us to school, then wakes up gets 2 hrs of sleep gets her, picks us up from school, and goes to work. Then today, he was supposed to pick up my grandmother 2 fucken hours ago, but got overtime at his “hard” job, Bullshitt if you ask me! Then ontop of that, he says to my mother “Eileen, do not say you worked hard this week i’ve worked 60 hours this week.” he is a jew if you ask me.(Sorry if offensive) meanwhile, my mother worked over a 100 hours this week!! And then he said “Try to do my job, you will not last a second.”
But he DOES NOT have to take care of kids, his mother or anyone but his self.
My mom is a nurse and father a P.O so you tell me that being a fucken magazine truck driver is harder than that?!!! what to say?

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Answer by pow
arguing with him will only make it worse hunni and trust me i have family that is exactly like him. i think ur parents are doing a good job in helping ur grandma. ur uncle is being selfish and it might help if ur mom addressed him about the situation(not around grandma of course). he shouldn’t act like that because he will never know when he will need help, so u and ur parents keep doing a good job and don’t even let him bother u. hope i helped.

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