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Posted in Child Support on 13th April 2012

ex wife, child support problems?
My fiance’ and I are looking into possibilities to get his older daughter to live with us. He’s stressed out and worried. We’re both brainstorming together, so yes i’m in involved in helping with suggestions, as he wants me to, so no rude “its none of your business, stay out of it!” lol yes it is my business if he asks me, and since she might be living in OUR home.

so here it goes….
he paid $ 100k for his daughter to go to rehab for a year in a half. Both him and the ex wife go to seminars on how to care for their daughter when she gets out of rehab. Obviously someone didn’t pay attention, the ex wife.

The daughter sold drugs, did every drug, alcohol problem and robbery, daughters bf at the time did those things as well. She had a very troubled past. Now she’s at home living with the mom.

so on vday my fiance calls his daughter, she said Angus was coming over, (her drug dealer ex), apparently the mom approved of him coming over on vday, unsupervised with her 2 daughters while she was out on a date with her new bf, thats more important right?! Now the mom is letting her go to parties, we found pictures of her tagged at big parties with a big wine bottle in her hand and various aclohol bottles laying around. She’s being allowed to go out on weekends to these parties, she’s drinking more and more, she’s hanging out with her still troubled ex bf drug dealer. we don’t get how this is acceptable in the mothers eyes? well she does act like a teenager herself and its all about her new bf anyway. so my fiance’ was thinking he could tell her to care for their teenage daughter or he’ll stop paying child support for her, and only pay for the youngest, since she’s not properly caring for her. we’ll most likely take her in. I think his ex-wife will get mad if we put her money on the line. But she’s not looking after or caring for her, why is she getting money to support her? hence, “child support”

he doesn’t want to get her mad, i understand, he told her to back off and stop figuring out our personal bills and bossing him around once, she closed the LOC account that helped pay for the $ 5,000 a month rehab bills. So we don’t think she’d take it lightly if he shows concern over her parenting skills. I don’t know what to tell him or how i can help him. yes she is a teenager, its hard to control, but you don’t invite drug dealers into the home around your 2 daughters, give permission to parties. It’s not like the daughter is lying when she asks to go out, she does let her mom know that it is a party PARTY with alcohol, the mom still says yes.

If the dad is paying child support, how much say does he have or what can he do? we’re at a loss.

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Answer by jslinderml
Child support is irrelevant to custody. What rights he has are determined by the custodial agreement, if he wants to change that it will take either the mother’s consent or court action. He cannot unilaterally withhold support.

If the situation is that bad, CPS or the courts should be involved. Getting mom mad is not worth the potential risk to the child.

Answer by George McCasland

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