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Posted in Child Support on 8th June 2012

Ex got on welfare to avoid paying child support – is this fraud?
Is this fraud?

So my ex owes child support and has 50% custody of my child. When we split, he was the higher wage earner and had his own business, and made more money than me. I was unemployed and didn’t want to file for welfare assistance. So I hit him up for child support.

He disregarded the support order and didn’t pay, was $ 5k in arrears when the Child Support Agency decided to take him to court for contempt. He has been under their radar because he doesnt show income, as he is self employed and can easily hide it.

In order to stop possible jail sentence from the Child Support Agency, he files for government assistance – Medical, food stamps and cash aid. He is eligible for the aid based on the information he provided the worker, so child support stops going after him.

Now Child Support is after me and my wages, and when I asked my ex if he knew they were going after me – he said, “Drop your child support case and I’ll get off aid and the state won’t go after you. I want you to sign a letter and give it to Child Support”

He clearly doesn’t need the government aid, as he’s bragged about getting large accounts with big firms, has a facebook page with his business info and photos of past/present work and him actually doing the work. He’s on welfare to retaliate against me. What should I do?

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Answer by C
seems as if he is playing you like an old, used violin.

Answer by divot II
You can report him to social services for welfare fraud, which is a crime. It’s up to them to investigate and enforce it. However, you could provide the names of his clients, etc., to help.

Answer by Hardtimes
Fraud and Blackmail. And he’s not smart enough to hide it, Get him girl.

Answer by Curtis
Is it mandated by the courts that he pay child support and how much. you said “So I hit him up for child support”. is it asking or is it mandated by the courts??????

It’s one thing to ask and he says NO, and it’s another to ask where the child support is this month and its required by the courts. Even past child support

JOB; He really can not do what he is doing. EXAMPLE. Lets say he’s a doctor (pretending), and in the same situation, he can do whatever he wants but the courts will still see that he holds that experience and can always be a doctor, so he really can quit being a doctor one day and start working at McDonald’s just to avoid paying child support. BUT the courts still will hold him to the higher standard of being a doctor in the past…..AND base his child support payments of a doctor’s income, and not a workers income at McDonald’s.

What does he do in his business that you can say he has a special skill set in the workforce?

Bank Records, Unless he uses cash to pay himself, he should have a bank account, i.e. checking and savings account.

Business owner, and he pays himself under the table; Again ask the courts to request bank records of the company that he owns. His company is filed under the state and will show who owns the company, let see if he is stupid enough to put his name on it, instead of an assigned trust.

Ask the courts and or child enforcement to request past bank records and company bank records to show income.

Even if he gets lucky and avoids all this his child support is still based off of min wage in your state or maybe a little higher, minus the offset of the 50% custody. Unless you show your income as greater than his, this is key too, just because you are the mother and make more in income doesn’t mean you still get child support from the father, general rule, but its dynamic in changing….

Best thing is to talk to an attorney.

Remember you are NOT the only one in the US that this is happen to, and others have played the same music in court and they have been caught……


Everything that is going on, past, present and future….Get a journal and write…dates times….SO when you go to court you pull out your journal and quote from it…..NOT something that you remember off the top of your head, in front of the judge…..looks foolish……

Best of luck

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