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Posted in Child Support on 30th May 2012

Ex got on welfare to avoid paying child support – is this fraud?
Is this fraud?

So my ex owes child support and has 50% custody of my child. When we split, he was the higher wage earner and had his own business, and made more money than me. I was unemployed and didn’t want to file for welfare assistance. So I hit him up for child support.

He disregarded the support order and didn’t pay, was $ 5k in arrears when the Child Support Agency decided to take him to court for contempt. He has been under their radar because he doesnt show income, as he is self employed and can easily hide it.

In order to stop possible jail sentence from the Child Support Agency, he files for government assistance – Medical, food stamps and cash aid. He is eligible for the aid based on the information he provided the worker, so child support stops going after him.

Now Child Support is after me and my wages, and when I asked my ex if he knew they were going after me – he said, “Drop your child support case and I’ll get off aid and the state won’t go after you. I want you to sign a letter and give it to Child Support”

He clearly doesn’t need the government aid, as he’s bragged about getting large accounts with big firms, has a facebook page with his business info and photos of past/present work and him actually doing the work. He’s on welfare to retaliate against me. What should I do?

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Answer by Ann
If what you are saying is true, he is committing welfare fraud. And if he is willing to do that to keep you from getting his money, accept that he is never going to give you any support and move on.

Don’t look at it as losing child support. Look at it as gaining some sanity and calm.

Answer by Yarr
Pretty sure they can dig into his history and see that he has been reporting money that is not enough to live the life he has but has never filed for support until right now. I’m pretty sure that would be enough for them to look more closely and find that he is committing fraud–and probably a bunch of other things that aren’t legal.

Answer by Bella
Wait patiently. If what you say is true it’s only a matter of time before he’s discovered and in jail for his crimes. You can only benefit from the truth being revealed.

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