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Posted in Child Support on 25th May 2012

Ex got on welfare to avoid paying child support – is this fraud?
Is this fraud?

So my ex owes child support and has 50% custody of my child. When we split, he was the higher wage earner and had his own business, and made more money than me. I was unemployed and didn’t want to file for welfare assistance. So I hit him up for child support.

He disregarded the support order and didn’t pay, was $ 5k in arrears when the Child Support Agency decided to take him to court for contempt. He has been under their radar because he doesnt show income, as he is self employed and can easily hide it.

In order to stop possible jail sentence from the Child Support Agency, he files for government assistance – Medical, food stamps and cash aid. He is eligible for the aid based on the information he provided the worker, so child support stops going after him.

Now Child Support is after me and my wages, and when I asked my ex if he knew they were going after me – he said, “Drop your child support case and I’ll get off aid and the state won’t go after you. I want you to sign a letter and give it to Child Support”

He clearly doesn’t need the government aid, as he’s bragged about getting large accounts with big firms, has a facebook page with his business info and photos of past/present work and him actually doing the work. He’s on welfare to retaliate against me. What should I do?

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Answer by ughhhhh
bring him to court if its his kid he has to keep paying. you will most likely win because it is against the law for him not to

Answer by Tony
The judge will know what he’s capable of making and go by that.

Answer by Carolynn M
Wow your state must be lenient… most States do not provide welfare, medical assistance, food stamps to single people unless they have dependents living with them, or are physically handicapped or ill in some way.

The only thing i can think of is to print out his brags on facebook and send it to his caseworker.

Meanwhile, do the best you can do to take care of you and your family.

Answer by kismet
You have posted this question 10 times in the last several days.
Your time would be better spent calling the attorney general’s child support division or a lawyer. This is not something the people on yahoo answers can fix for you.

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