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Posted in Child Support on 23rd May 2012

Ex got on welfare to avoid paying child support – is this fraud?
Is this fraud?

So my ex owes child support and has 50% custody of my child. When we split, he was the higher wage earner and had his own business, and made more money than me. I was unemployed and didn’t want to file for welfare assistance. So I hit him up for child support.

He disregarded the support order and didn’t pay, was $ 5k in arrears when the Child Support Agency decided to take him to court for contempt. He has been under their radar because he doesnt show income, as he is self employed and can easily hide it.

In order to stop possible jail sentence from the Child Support Agency, he files for government assistance – Medical, food stamps and cash aid. He is eligible for the aid based on the information he provided the worker, so child support stops going after him.

Now Child Support is after me and my wages, and when I asked my ex if he knew they were going after me – he said, “Drop your child support case and I’ll get off aid and the state won’t go after you. I want you to sign a letter and give it to Child Support”

He clearly doesn’t need the government aid, as he’s bragged about getting large accounts with big firms, has a facebook page with his business info and photos of past/present work and him actually doing the work. He’s on welfare to retaliate against me. What should I do?

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Answer by Mrs. St. Evens
The government is usually pretty thorough when investigating those types of situations. He would have had to prove that he was under the poverty level to qualify for any of that stuff. If you believe he is legitimately cheating the government, then you should definitely turn him in for fraud!

Answer by LadyCatherine
threaten him with going to the IRS and telling welfare on him,, you have more backing then he does..

Answer by Spunky
If he provided false/fraudulent information, to the government, in order to gain welfare, then yes, that is absolutely fraud and can carry a heavy penalty.

You need to report him. Also, provide all of the information you can, such as, his facebook page where he is bragging about money, and big accounts and whatnot.

It is people like him, who ruin the integrity of public assistance programs.
Who make it difficult for people who actually need help, to get it.
It makes me angry.

Answer by CaCO3Girl
For these types of situations I always think of the phrase, don’t poke the sleeping bear….yeah well he poked you! And NOW you are awake!

Call the welfare abuse line and tell them that this person should not have qualified for food stamps. Then after they confirm that you are correct call child support, tell them you want a meeting and bring in a snap shot of his facebook page, and drop a BIG hint that the fraud department is investigating him. By the way, make sure to save all facebook page snap shots because once he finds out people are looking into him he will “unfriend” you.

Then call the IRS and report him as not filing taxes correctly because ANY money that he would have gotten back was suppose to go to you, so you have every right to get them involved.

And in the meantime work very hard in getting a text message or e-mail that just flat out says he doesn’t need food stamps, and or he only did this to get out of paying child support…etc.

He poked the sleeping bear, MAKE HIM REGRET IT!

Answer by Shattered
I’m not sure of what the actual steps for turning in fraud are or how to actually do it. But gather as much evidence as you can that he doesn’t qualify for government assistance. If you and your ex have a chat log about this, SAVE IT. Get all of the Information you can because once he finds out that it is you, he will most likely block and unfriend you.

Answer by VoiceofCommonSense™
Get proof that he is actually cheating them. Not just your word, or a facebook page.
Get your own pictures, or text messages if you have any. Anything in writing from him, if you have anything. Catch him with his pants down, then turn him in. Don’t even threaten him with what you have, just turn it in.

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