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Posted in Working Mothers on 27th November 2010

Educational Grants For Our Working Mothers

Education is the key to success. It is apparent that those who lack education and for whatever reasons failed to have a college degree, cannot get a suitable and profitable job. Working mothers today are faced with this dilemma. The lack of education puts a working mother in a job which she may consider to be unbefitting and insufficient.

Being a mother entails a lot of obligations and responsibilities. Most working mothers depart from universities and colleges because they have to devote a lot of their time in taking care of the household and of their children. They seem to become distant from the foyers of education as they do not have the luxury of time.

The Federal Government as well as colleges and universities should concoct a solution of the problem working mothers are faced with. Programs like on-line education should be promoted so that working mothers may continue their education without the hassle of actually going or traveling to an institution of learning.

The present government can bestow grants to deserving individuals based on financial capacity, educational status, and the like.

Lack of education means unsecured future. A woman who has a college degree has a better chance to survive in this uncertain world than that of a woman who is wanting a education. Education is a form of security. Educated mothers, who become widows because of an unexpected turn of events, can easily support the family by procuring a job.

We can consider a scenario wherein a mother takes care of her children while she is also studying from home by the help of the advancement of modern technology. In this way, she can always attend to her family’s needs.

Nowadays, we have what we call eLearning or Learning through the internet. The breakthrough of such advancement in Information Technology paves way for the fulfillment of a working mother’s ambition to finish college and earn a degree. Working women may continue their education in the comforts of their homes.

In order to make such educational set-ups for working mothers a reality, the federal government should award grants to working mothers while educational institutions provide for eLearning program recognized by the different institutions.

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