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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of ShtHammer : Each part of the “company” supports the successful, but not the policy ?
Explain this to me please …. Everyone would understand why the military would do its brightest, bravest and most tactical leader fördern.Jeder would understand why a company would be their smartest and hardest working people would understand fördern.Jeder place, like a sports franchise would stack their “first string” with their strongest / fastest / most successful Athleten.Also and why we act “insults” and “victim” if the company rewarded the most “successful”? Ask a lot of money …. we label “greedy” Building your company on … we label you a “bad boss”, create a company that employs most people in America … we cry, if you are an “private jet” we haben.Sollten not to America’s “most successful” for economic and social advice to listen to? Instead we have to brag political arguments about how much we should listen to the opinions of the “minimum wage earners” and “single mothers” and “union” … Is not there something fundamentally wrong and inconsistent in this? The founding fathers voting wanted to ” owners to restrict “. I’m beginning to think there was much intelligence in this decision Best Answer.

response from James Bong and his Donkey Kong
I do not support fraud in government …

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