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Posted in Babysitting on 21st November 2010

question of Mercury : dream about two snakes ?
I had a dream where I was in my friend’s studio room. on one of his chairs, there was a snake “sit” behind. It was yellow and black. I touched her and tried to lift him, but then I realized that the snake might bite me stopped in this way. in my b / f’s Closet, he had put a glass cage and inside the snake. He said the snake was hungry, so he was a baby mouse to the observed, we ate the snake than the mouse. the snake was satisfied and started to rise and dance. it turned into a cobra. It was a screening, stretched to the cage so when the snake was high, the screening was to prevent escape it. then I see another snke in a cage next to none to 1 one. same color and then turned himself into a cobra. The snakes were harmless, but in my dream, I asked my bf why he had snakes in his room hatte.im real life he dreams of snakes and they are represented ex-girlfriends. He thinks it’s a bad role for mich.im not interested in dream interpretations moods Best Answer.

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