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Posted in Babysitting on 26th November 2012

dogs and human food? What to avoid?
I “babysit” my neighbors pekignese somethimes 🙂 And he always wants to have something to eat in the eating: Ice cream, bread, biscuits, spagetti, meat, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk … ANYTHING.He is like a garbage disposal xDSein owner does not mind it at all, it also gives him the human diet, but I’m always worried something might be toxic to ihn.Ja, he gets dog food, but he prefers human food anythimeWelche foods should I avoid (I asked his owner, she has no idea) Best Answer (s):

response from Beautiful Nightmare
onions, curry / spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine and garlic, I think.

response from Warren to avoid
add grapes and raisens

response from basabi_ban
ice cream and chocolate are the foremost things —- the list that you did nothing wrong have given it …. just to see it for that whatever you do not upset his stomach

response from Julie D.
http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c = 2 & aid = 1659 1030Ich’m sure you would have googled it yourself, but here’s a list. I can tell you one thing, if I took care of strange dog, I would not like anything other than their normal food and water. (Except for a treatment that is made for dogs)

response from tanning
onions, grapes, raisins, garlic, chocolate, alcohol

Reply by Ashley
chocolate is bad mutch it can kill

response from Alex
cholate …. if a dog eats too much it choclate kidnry failurer get

Answer by Bobbie L have some
Add avocado box on the Liste.Ich no idea what a PEKIGNESE.

response from stephan
Dark chocolate, too much quantity to kill a dog

reply by lois b You should not
feeding the dog human food. It can be fun, it can be what you want the animal, but in the end it will cause him less healthy and reduces its lifetime. Animals are not garbage disposals. They are living beings. We need to care for our pets.

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