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Posted in Child Care on 8th February 2012

doggy day care?
how many people who work 5hrs plus per day, who own active pets and would apprieciate a “doggy day care” type establishment to take care of their pets through business hrs? oz only. its just that i am regularly noticing people getting bagged out for owning a dog but working most days. hellllo, these are dogs, not children. Because i work gives me the money to adopt the animal in the first place, desex it, feed, worm and vacc, chip it. Buy it toys and meaty bones to keep it occupied while im earning the money to house it (it would be cheaper to backyard breed, cos then i could quit my job!!! HELLO) , anywhoo, im hoping my hours will increase so i can get a raise and adopt, desex another one. when i decide to have children i will limit my wrk hours to suit my human family, if my pet cant handle it til then, he can go back to the pound.
this is for sophylakes, your dogs have adjusted to your routine perfectly it sounds like. That was my point. To the people who think us dog owners MUST dedicate ALL our time to our pets, even to the point of not having jobs!! that opinion is a tad over ott. as for de-sexing, let me say the word again for you DE-SEX. Again, i refer to the fact that our furry friends are not human, that is why its called, DE-SEXING. although, the reason for this operation, whether humans or animals is the same. how many DE-SEXED dogs have you seen making love just for the heck of it??
kim from sydney, thnx for the support. im in vic, but im sure if u chk ur local listing u will find someone, or run an add in ur paper. i love dogs, enough to respect them as the animals that they are, and not forcing them to ‘humanise’

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Answer by foxy_slave2005
I think it is a little outrageous! However that is just my opinion on it.If you have the time and money to spoil your pet then by all means thats great.In the end though….will your dog love you anymore or less?

Answer by Kim from Sydney
hi there Kim here just curious where in OZ are you and how much the services are etc… 4 a extra sm Pom, wormed, vac, papers etc

added I also hate desexing I totally disagree with it to all who hate it I applause you

Answer by doggeeman123
I hate people like you..there are alot of people on this website that put there life into breeding good dogs (not backyardys). If you want a dog but dont have the time to stay at home with it DONT GET ONE..PISS Of and go breed fish.

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