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Posted in Babysitting on 23rd May 2011

Doesn’t it annoy you to have people with NO children answer your questions ABOUT having kids?
I think it is so freaking ridiculous when people who are “aunts/uncles/cousins” or “babysit” or worse…OWN DOGS/CATS….think that they have some sort of insight on how it is to raise a CHILD. GIve me a break people!!! Get a clue!!!!

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Answer by ❀Bugsey❀

There’s this chick on here “irish mommy … something” …. she answers a lot of questions regarding giving birth and having kids when she has never even given birth herself!!!

she gives bad advice, that is sometimes wrong! i just want to say “shut up!”

Answer by Kit-E-Kat
Well, they’re only offering advice, we don’t have to take it. Besides, a lot of people who don’t have their own children can still know a lot about kids, and some people are just very ‘child minded’ people, and can offer an insight into something that you might not have thought of.

My best friend doesn’t have kids yet, but offers me better parenting advice than half the people I know who DO have kids! It just depends on the person I guess. But no, it doesn’t bother me that much.
Merry Christmas!

Answer by Rosie_M

Answer by Briana
Yes i feel that way. DON’T answer those questions unless you really are a parent to a living HUMAN being!

Answer by Athena
because some people can get emotionally involved with children even if they have none…they r just gifted…children like them n they like children…it is the understanding that helps them com up with answers regarding parenting.

Yes, I have asked questions about my sons colic and reflux. And had people with no kids tell me Im doing wrong. Im sorry, if you have never had a child with colic and reflux, then you have no idea whats its like, let alone if that person doesnt even have kids.I knew NOTHING about babies/kids until I had my son.If they offer advice thats fine, but dont tell me Im doing wrong.

Answer by LiL One
Yep.. Or they say that *your* responce (a parents) is wrong.. They answer some question TOTALLY wrong.. Think everyone else is wrong when they have NO clue..

Answer by proudmama
HALLELUJAH! yeah and they always quick to criticize and call u a bad parent but it is easier to complain then to do when they couldnt walk a day in ur shoes

Answer by kimba626
frickin people

Answer by lorien_gal27
Yes..almost as much as those scientific “experts” who are always spouting off “advice” in the news. They’re usually men who aren’t even married let alone fathers.

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