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Posted in Child Care on 23rd September 2013

Has your husband to help with the children?
I am a SAHM and I love my kids more than anything, but I feel like all the housework and the care of children should not be all on me. I have a four year old and an 18 month old. My husband works night shift, so I have the children every day, no weekends for me. His idea of ​​observing the children there is the small child on the playground, we have set, which is a little bigger than a playpen, turn on the TV and get on the computer, play video games. He does not want to interact with the children without the computer and is extremely irritating to the children if they do not leave him alone. He gets mad when I tell him that the child’s attention w / o the computer must try. When I ask him the dishes he do it, but not without whining about it first, and when I ask him to change a diaper or the kids to do lunch because I’m the laundry or cleaning, he gets angry because he has to step away from his game. I am very frustrated because I do not think it’s fair, and I do not know how to excite him about it without him yourself. I need advice on what to do … Any suggestions would geschätzt.Ich mostly do all the housework and I have no problems doing it. I do not ask him to do things often, those were just examples of the response that I received. I have a problem with the fact that he does not interact with the children Best Answer (s):.

answer by Brittany
In terms of housework — Being a stay-at-home mom, I took the brunt of the housework. I do the vast majority of it, because that is the duty of i stay home with our son to work against accepted. My husband pulls itself (for example, when he spotted dishes or pulling different things), and did not argue when I ask him to do something … but I do not often ask him to do something (especially because I get most of the housework done before he comes home from work, so there is not much to do for him) We share all outside tasks, because we do it together gefallen.In regarding our son – my husband is very active when he is at home. He takes our son to play while I do the dinner and the courts, he is consistently active with him during this time. He has his “relaxing time” after our son goes to bed (“us time”, work, read, etc.). He also gets 2 Friday of the month (like me) to do himself what he will.Soweit your husband is concerned, it does not sound like you’ll get the point if you act as if you are on eggshells increased to exist. I would just tell him that everything that you can while he is at work, but when he comes home, he has to step up and help some. He lives there, he helped father the child, so he can help with the upkeep of the house and the raising of the child. You can then even a time, so he certain to get for him is that he had a relaxing time that he wants. For example, after the dinner dishes are done, he can sit back, what he wants.

response from Jenny
I am also a SAHM. I’m doing the whole house and yard work, because I think that my task. As far as “taking care” of the children, this is all my work as well. My husband is to play with them, take them fishing or watch TV with them, but I’m the one who takes them to the doctor stays with them when they are sick, usw.Klingt as you both consider the time with the children a be a chore? Other than that, your husband sounds like a “typical” man My husband is not at things with the children that he did not do in the enjoyment. Every once in a while, he will go with us if we do what the kids want to do, but this is rare. I’m the one who the children swimming and cycling, etc. It will take video games or board games is to play with them or watching TV – shows that he likes on the History Channel. Every year he was a child on a week-long fishing trip. Or does it (usually only one at a time) to get ice. These are the things he loves to do … Since none of you keeps the time with the kids to be a fun activity, you may need to do things together as a family and find out how you spend time with the children without it feeling like a chore for you. Our kids are older now, so we have plenty of options to invest time. When they were little, we have “used” our children as a form of entertainment. Four years old, are so much fun! I love to hear you try to explain the world. We asked our daughter questions about the world, such as “How do people get to live in the television how do they go out? Did they live on TV?” and other stuff. All of us enjoyed it.

Reply by Momma
This is one of the reasons that he is now my ex-husband. Literally the only thing he would do was other than to go to work mowing the lawn once every other week and take the garbage will be picked up on Friday morning. That was it. When I asked him to watch the baby so I could shower, he would sit in the living room to play video games and ignore it. I would come to find them in something and not paying attention him, so I’m stopped, I felt like a single mother, long before I ever one.

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