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question of KandCsMommie : Does your child have a TV in their room? If not, why not, if so how much / why it uses ?
If so, at what age you were there, it was a gift or just because? When / Why do they use it there? How often? If not, why not have them a? How long will you want? “I have a 2 YO and her room is on Fairy, I just saw a really cute Tinkerbell TV. There are some times I can see with there but overall I do not think it would get tons of use. In the fall / winter especially, we always see people for football games and a lot of people who come bring their children. It would be nice if one of their rooms when other kids are transformed here. I would keep it would achieve by it and the remote control. We are still a baby in December and I can see in the coming years their desire to play in her room alone and sometimes sit and watch a film to be ect. We only have a TV in one of our salons so if that is in use, it will not go to / not anywhere to see anything if they want will.Ich also say that she rarely watches television in a few days of week, it will Mickey and / or the Backyardigans Clock and it really is. Occasionally, they will want to watch a movie, but they do not “sit” and really see it. She plays and occasionally looks. At the same time, I never had a TV. I have a small TV for my 16th Birthday and a DVD player. I had no cable, I only had it for viewing movies. Finally, I got a TV with 18. It was beautiful, in a sense, because it forced us to “be Toth,” but there was a lot of time grew up, where my brother and I and sometimes my mother / father would be in discussion over who saw what and when. I see a TV, OOD and a bad thing. I do not really think that is a bad TV I just think they leave their young at all ae (like under 11) to control is irresponsible. All suggestions and personal stories? As a person who didn’t even have a TV and no cable to 16 to 18 I see, why did not my parents that we can have one. But to play Devil’s Advocate I can quite see all the arguments between my brother and I grew up (especially when we were between 11-18, we are only 2 years apart, are like my children). It caused even fought if we really wanted to see a movie or something (and I mean as in 14-15) or if we had a friend over and my mother just soaps and my father was just a game. I mean, at the age of 5-9 children play safely, but at 11 o, what do girls really play, can? Not much. And as I said, we are 100% control of the TV to about 11 or 12 I’m non sure not to say I’m anywhere near ready to make the leap to make a TV in their room. But be solved as a responsible parent for me soo many reasons against it could. Our house is a floor and her room near the center of the house and the door is always open. Also I can not with TV and the few times she has with her in our bed to the TV set and sleep the sleep that I would never let you sleep with a child on TV. She taught observed on 10 count in Spanish from an episode of seasame Street 1 time! I am again not saying I will let it. But I think most problems with it because of the parent / child are not the actual TV Best Answer.

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sorry, that is ridiculous imo! none of my children have ever had a TV in the room until she can pay for it, I think it messes with the mind, they can see it in the living room like everyone else, and bc I have more than one child they have a Certin a day, they watch what they want to see, but that’s it

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