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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th June 2012

Does he have Mommy Issues?
My husband is starting to really creep me out. We’ve been together for about 10 years. Everything was normal until his mom started working for him at his auto shop.

It first started with a nickname. My husband always called me “mama”. We have kids, they call me that, so my husband would call me that too. I thought it was cute. Until….. He started calling his own mother “mama” too!
I just think a 40 year old man doesn’t need to call his mother “mama”
Plus he called ME mama when we were in bed. So the whole thing just sickened me.
So I told him, I’m done with that nickname. I’m not sharing it with your mother.

Then, the kissing…..
He works with his mother, in a garage, around all his male employees. Everyday he is kissing his mother good-bye. And i’m not just talking a quick peck on the cheek. He kisses her good-bye the exact way he kisses me. Kinda huggy, nice kiss on side of lip. Even makes an “Mmmm” sound. Exactly like he does with me! UGH! I can just puke typing about it!
He also says to me, “gimme a kiss” when i am leaving. Well, I’ll be damned if he didn’t say the exact thing to his mother when she was leaving our house.
Plus he likes to buy us the same xmas gifts each year.
What the hell?
I don’t come from a very affectionate family. I don’t kiss all over my dad or feel the need to hug and kiss him daily. Nor are my mom and I affectionate. We kiss and hug mainly on holidays.
So is it me? or is my husband getting a little too close and freaky with his “mama?”
btw..he is only child.
I give him lots of attention. Why would he act this way?
fallen angel….i understand what you are saying. It would not bother me if he had always called his mother “mama”. He gave me the nickname first. Then started calling his mother the same name. I am glad they are close and happy they have a good relationship. I just think it is getting to be too much. They didn’t act like this in the past.

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Answer by Sammi
that sounds pretty creepy to me.
Maybe you should talk to him about it?
I mean mama’s boy for sure, but that’s just a little tooooo much.
I’d talk to him about it, and maybe his mother too.

Answer by Fallen Angel
I’d take great offence if suddenly my grown son can’t call me a name that he’s used ever since he was a child due to someones insecurities.

Tell him to call you “Sweet Mama” to differentate if it bothers you that much but don’t make a son-mom relationship Oedipus.

edit–Personally what I find creepier is being called Mama by my husband in the sack. Maybe you are onto something. I ain’t his mama…just my pov of course

Answer by Backhoe
sounds creepy and not right

Answer by F-Bomb
This is a tough call. Is he from a latin family? They are much more kissy kissy. Otherwise, sounds kind of creepy and weird.

Answer by ツTommyツ
Maybe he loves his mom a lot.

Answer by N
No he is just affectionate. You don’t understand because you aren’t affectionate with your family but it does not sound crazy. I come from an affectionate family. Its not that serious. He loves his mom thats all.

Answer by PEACE ☮
He grew up with hugs and kisses. That’s that. The “mmm” sound just kind of makes me puke also though. Tell him to change nicknames for you QUICK. And just learn to live with it.

Answer by RitchWilliams
Bet he’s been calling her ‘Mama’ for many more years than he’s called you that and I have a feeling that, in his family, that’s just what you call ‘Mom’. Your kids call you that and so he does. It’s like both you and she are named ‘Cindy’. Would that freak you out? ‘Mama’ is just a name. But I do get your point and it does feel weird. My sister is engaged to a guy named Rich, my name. It’s a little bizarre to hear them talking.

As to the kissing, I don’t know. I’ll hug, but I’m not big on kissing anyone other than my wife. But a lot of families are. To a lot of families and in a lot of cultures, it’s no big deal. I suggest you start to worry if he ever slips her the tongue. Until then, I think you’re just dealing with a clash of cultures, yours and his. You simply haven’t had to deal with it until now.

BTW, awesome picture.

Answer by Amber
Some families are just very affectionate.. especially if he was an only child, and more especially if she was a single mom, she is used to being able to kiss and hug all over him. I tell my little girl everyday that she had better let me give her smoochies when she gets big! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about it. Pick another nickname, one that sounds more like a hottie nickname so that there is a big difference in the way he calls to you and the way he calls to his mom.

Answer by Dan

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