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Posted in Child Support on 16th January 2011

Does anyone know what happens to child support when payor is living in another country?
this is not one of the “bad dad moving away to avoid child support”. my partner is from Canada and has to give half (!!!) his salary as child support to two women who trapped him (by not taking the pill!!). now he’d like to start a new life with me abroad but does not know if child supp. will be elevated if he earns more here or if it stays the same – note: he is willing to pay, but just not half his salary. he can’t even afford an apartment right now.. does anyone have experience with this? Or do you know of any Canadian webpage that could help me finding an answer? Thks a lot

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Answer by sweetie_baby
I don’t know about Canada, is he living there NOW?

If not, he can petition the courts for a modification of child support to get it reduced, first of all. Contact an attorney for that.

If he moves, he is still obligated to pay it, but I am not sure what the law says if he doesn’t.

Doesn’t matter how the babies got here, even if it was cause those women lied, he has to pay what he is ordered. BUT, it sounds as if he was ordered to pay ALOT,

Talk to a family attorney, most consultations are free.

Answer by duckyquack
Honey they didn’t trap him! If you aren’t willing to protect yourself then you get what you deserve! He should have worn a condom or not had sex! Don’t let him get out of taking his responsibility in all this! If he didn’t want half of his salary going to support kids, the he should have da mn well made sure he didn’t have any!!!

Answer by AlaskaMusher
Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has resiprosity with the U.S., concerning child support. The Canadians will continue to garnish wages, serve warrants and detain at the border.

So you partner, who was “trapped” (good lord what turnip truck did you fall off) will still have to pay. The custodial parent will have to file for a judicial or administrative change to the child support order if that parent believes the payee has had an increase in income. Most states require proof of this increase and usually require a minimum increase. I.E. they won’t process a change if he gets a $ 1 and hour raise.

The good news for your poor misunderstood spawner is that the Canadians will collect the dollar amount the order demands. This means if the U.S. court ordered $ 200 a month, in U.S. dollars, the Canadians will collect $ 200 a month in Canadian dollars.

I can’t wait to hear from you when your partner spawns with you and then decides to swim upstream again.

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