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Posted in Child Care on 13th February 2014

Does anyone know of a good trance / techno songs, preferably singing?
If you know very good vocal trance / techno songs, let me know! BTW. I am looking for a vocal trance song I can not, no matter how hard I try so if anyone can find the name of this song, who knows, please tell me and I will be forever grateful 🙂 It goes something like this: ” Take me as I am, and I will understand … ” and in the choir the girl says: “… if you call me” Best Answer (s):

Alli answer
Try some of these songs, they are some of my favorite trance / techno songs: Ferry Corsten “Fire”, “Punk”, “Time” & “Anything goes” DJ Micro “Inside Of Me (Spacecorn Vs. Artificial)” Robin Fox “I See Stars” Above & Beyond “Can not Sleep” and “For All I Care” Suite 117 “Smaller” Speaker “Omnibus” Karsh Kale “Free Fall” Nysse & Hinton “Silver Water” (DS Remix) Cara Dillon vs. 2Devine “Black Is The Colour” Tube & Berger “Straight Ahead” Olive “You’re Not Alone” (ATB Remix) Danielle Bollinger “Kiss The Sky “Gabriel and Dresden” Tracking Treasure Town “Judge Jules” Ordinary Day “Kirsty Hawkshaw” Fine Day “Cabin Crew” Star To Fall “September” Satellites “Paul Van Dyke” For An Angel “,” Nothing But You “and” The Other Side “Ian Van Dahl” Castles in the Sky “Foggy” Come … (Into My Dream) “Oceanlab” Clear Blue Water “&” Satellite “Angel City” Do You Know (I Go Crazy) “and” Love Me Right “Kaskade” Steppin ‘Out “&” Be Still “Iio” Rapture “,” Kiss You “and” Smooth “Benassi Bros” Every Single Day “and” Hit My Heart “Stonebridge” Time “Aurora” Hear You Calling “(Ferry Corsten Remix) Motorcycle” as the rush comes “Groove (a) holics” Children 2002 “Happy listening!

Reply rosenkid88
Alli put out some really good you should also consider: Kyau vs. Albert – Always a fool and Walk Down Armin van Buuren – Love You More Above and Beyond – Good For Me! (Club Mix) Summer Sessions feat. Tiff Lacey – By My Side (Signalrunners Mix) Tiesto feat. Jes – Everything motorcycle – Breathe Deep Love Over Sedna (not enabled, it can be hard to be) Luminary -. Dark Eyes (Tom Porcell Mix)

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