HomeToddlersDoes anyone know of a free indoor playground in New Orleans?
Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Claudia c : Does anyone know of any free indoor playground in New Orleans ?
I am pregnant and so, so, so hot! I must give my child “run-around” time, but I always find myself dizzy and nauseous, sit outside in the summer heat. (Yes, I think frozen ice bottles, use a hand fan, etc. ..) We’ve got memberships to the Aquarium and Parenting Center, which are great, but I wonder if there are any places available for variety. (. In shopping malls, etc. I would even fast food restaurants are considering at this point) Best Answer:

answer by Mama of two boys
There are few places you can go for free. The library is the only place I can think of. Maybe you could play groups with some of your friends do.

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