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Posted in Child Support on 19th October 2012

Does anyone know if these standards are “ok” for a 16 year old to move out?
I am 16 years old and my mother has full custody of me at the moment. She is a major b word and I hate her more than you could ever immagine! I currently live with my dad and he is amazing, I love him to death, and when i’m with my dad I get to spend time with the Love of my life who i’ve been with for almost 2 years but when I’m with my mom I can’t be with her because my mom’s moving far away.. If I tell my mom that i’m staying at my dad’s house can she call the cops and them make me go back and live with her?

Pros and cons:
1: He makes good money
2: He has great credit
3: He is an amazing dad
4: Hes responsible

1: He is a “Packrat” (In other words he NEVER throws nothing away and he is unorganized)
2: His house is messy
3: He likes pornography
4: He doesn’t have alot of structure
5: He has paid child support “Under the table” for 12 years and To the court is considered a deadbeat dad

1: She has tons of structure
2: She is responsible
3: She has the ability to blackmail my dad
4: She has power

1: She has no heart
2: She has a drug related past
3: Because I’ve lived with her since kindergarten I have a very, physicly abusive, childhood past
4: I HATE living with her with a passion.

The main question:
Can I tell my mom I’m gonna live with my dad and her not have any way to FORCE me to go back and live with her? Because If I tell her i’m gonna live here she will go BERZERK, on a powertrip, and on a warpath and I really don’t wanna be put through that again… she is killing my mentally… She makes me depressed and I HATE being around her… So Is there anyway at all taht I can move in with my dad and go with a fighting chance?
Yeah but guys my dad can go to jail for not paying child support through a check or credit card through the court because my mom is a b word like that.. And my mom is crazy she has my dad in so many ways and my dad’s terrified of her he said he can’t do anything because she could shut down his business and everything! He is screwed eveyr which way he looks and I can’d have him back me up or hes dead. I’m on my own.. And my mom is crazy but I think that I am old enough to chose where I wanna live and by god I would bout kill someone just so I can have a chance to grow up happy! She has RUINED my life from the start and I”m ready to leave.. And If there is a way That I can then I’ll never speak to her agian.

P.S: I’ve heard that When your 17 you can go WHEREVER you want and even if your parents call the cops the cops cant do anything to you besides tell you to go back home (You can basicly live wehre you want) is this true?

Best answer(s):

Answer by SupperAnonamousee
Tell your dad you’d like to live with him for awhile, and tell your mother you barely see your father and it’ll work trust me, or just say you really want to live with him to spend time with him or something, I hope I helped 🙂

Answer by pikachuflatulates
I hope you are mature enough to go on the right path yourself. Marrying would allow you to be independent, but even if legal at your age, it is not, I repeat, NOT a good idea at your age. I would play it cool until you are old enough to move out and go to college.

Answer by Angelo
There cons to both of these but your dad is easily the best choice. Tell your dad your afraid to move with your mom cause she makes you miserable and scared and ask him if there is anyway he could have custody of you. I could be wrong but maybe your mom does love you and she is miserable for some reason. You should also ask your mom why she hates you. She may explain to you why which may make you chance your mind, if not then ask your dad and beg

Answer by Marry Poppins
deffinitly try as hard as you can to stay with your father the last thing you want is to me abusised … since u like being with ur father that is better than being miserable with ur mom… ur mom has no heart

fight fight fight think of the memories you have had with them bothh and the main question is who makes you happier? and then from there choose

Answer by cherie
your dad would have to petition the court for custody of you, you are over the age to tell a judge where you want to live. your mom can’t do to much about it if you tell a judge you do not want to live her.

you can always help your dad to not be a pack rat.

Answer by George McCasland
you have no right to decide that, so yes, she could force you back. Why in the hell is your father paying her directly? Is she doubler dipping and collecting Welfare, or has she blackmailed him into that somehow? That needs to be addressed as what he owes never goes away and is collecting up to 18% in interest penalties. If the courts show he’s $ 5000 in arrears, he can be arrested under Federal Charge. He needs to write me or come to Dads House.

To learn a father’s rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It’s free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues.

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