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Posted in Child Support on 30th December 2010

Does anyone know if there is a way to place a motion for receits for “child support”. Spouse is ripping me off
Need receits to prove that spouse is overcharging.
Is there anything I can do. State is Illinois.

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Answer by ♠Whiskey Girl♠

Answer by Munya Carr
Isn’t it cut and dried 20% (or however many kids you have, 22-27%?)?
You cant demand proof of what she spent the money on…sorry, we tried that for years. The law only cares that you are paying your 20%.

Answer by miss advice
how can your spouse be ripping you off if you are giving them the money?

if you write your ex a check every month for the amount you are required to pay and keep the duplicates of each check, you shouldn’t have any more problems. if she/he threatens to take you to court, then you have the receipts to back your claim.

Answer by Violet Pearl
Overcharing? Didn’t a judge determine the amount you pay in child support? If not, go to court to have the amount specified. You’ll probably end up paying
* 17% of gross income for 1 child
* 25% of gross income for 2 children
* 29% of gross income for 3 children
* 31% of gross income for 4 children
* 34% of gross income for 5 or more children

Or MORE based on your “ability to earn.”

Answer by Ellie04
Your ex can spend your child support payments on anything she wants. The child support laws are simple. You give a set percentage of your income (17% for first child).

If you truly feel that she is over charging you, then file a custody support modification. You will need to gather your pay stubs and proof of payment to her. You do not need an attorney. You can fill out this paperwork yourself by requesting it from Family Court.

Answer by luvRoush99
What you pay should be based on the number of children, your income, and how much time you have the child/ren. If your amount was not set by a judge, then you should go to court and have it done that way. My support was recently reduced to $ 250 per month from $ 650, because I agreed to let my daughter spend 2 extra nights a week with her dad. It was hard to rearrange my finances, but my child is happy and that is all that matters.

Answer by Mony
Eleven states have statutes that allow the court to demand an accounting from the custodial parent of how child support is spent: Colorado; Delaware; Florida; Indiana; Kansas; Lousiana; Missouri; Nebraska; Oklahoma; Washington.. Alabama also authorized an accounting under the specific facts of the case. and New York has hinted that such an action may lie, although current practice indicates otherwise…so the idea is not completely unheard of, but as far as Illinois….your best bet is to lobby your congressman.
I pay $ 540 a month in child support. The mother buys the child garage sale clothes, never takes the child anywhere to do anything, won’t even buy a Halloween costume for him because of her drug addiction which I have solid proof of. All of this is going on while my family and I live in near poverty, even after years of fighting for custody and demanding that she at least keep reciepts so that I can see that my son is being financially taken care of…nothing has happened. Being that election time is coming up…it is a good time to lobby. Unfortuneatly that is probably the best thing to do.

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