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Posted in Working Mothers on 21st February 2013

Does anyone know any funny dirty or racist jokes?
To make jokes or jokes my laugh the hardest wins Best Answer (s):

response from Eric. Master of Music
Papa Papa, are you gay? Shut up son, jerk faster.

response from Lowell
LoL I have a … A girl was on a bicycle without reflectors and an officer came up to her on a horse. He gave her a ticket and said, “Nice. Bike, Santa has it give you the reflectors are to be on the bike,” The girl was crazy and said to the officer “Nice horse, Santa give it to you You know. the tail goes to the bottom of the horse in the beginning. “

response from maddiemak_007
* Disclaimer * are BAD! … I am not racist in any way or form, I’m just repeating the jokes I’ve heard. I want everyone I apologize offended, I’m just answering the Frage.-How to get a black man down from a tree? They cut the Seil.-What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza? Not a pizza in the oven schreien.-A zebra was asked if he was black with white stripes or white with black stripes, so he prayed to God to tell him what he was. That night the zebra had a dream in which God said, “You are what you are,” The next day the zebra his girlfriend told the dream and then said, “Well, I guess that solves the problem.” The other zebra asked, “How’s that?” “Well,” he said, “if I was black with white stripes, God would have said,” It is what it is “” Why are not there any black people in the Flintstones? Because they were all still Affen.-Why there is not a Mexican on Star Trek, they do not work in the future, entweder.-What do you call a Mexican without a lawn mower arbeitslos.-A black guy goes in bar with a parrot on his shoulder, the bartender says,?. “Wow! That’ss something really … where did you get it “The parrot replied proudly:” The straight out of Africa “How do you stop a Mexican tank with a ball you shoot the guy to him schieben.-Whydon ‘tt you ever passed a Mexican becausee the bike? hes riding is probably at them.-three third graders were talking in the playground, a Jew, was an Italian, and the last one was black. the Jew decides to see a competition, who have the largest penis. the black child wins by far that night, he asks his mother. “Guido says I have the largest penis, because I’m black … is that true “She replies:” No, honey, its cause, you’re 23 “As I said, IM JUST answer the question, PLEASE NOBODY mad at me … Maybe it’s wasn’tnt such a good idea o this! To answer question ….

response from Conrad
No. These are illegal.

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