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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd January 2011

Does anybody know if you are legally bound to appear for jury duty?
I was summed for jury, under the conditions of the summons I asked to be excused due to the fact that I take and pickup my two grad-daughters from school each day, one is in elementary school and the other in high school, my request was denied by the court with the explanation that the court provided child care services at the court house, are they kidding? how is that suppose to work? I had no other chose but to ignore the first summons, Since there mother “my daughter” is a single working mom, I provide the means of getting them to and from school, now I have received a second summons threatening me with a fine and jail time if I do not show up. any advise out there, this really puts us between a rock and had spot, and I certainly wouldn’t expect bureaucrats at the court house to understand

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Answer by Bubbles McGee
You absolutely are legally required. It’s a little thing called “Civic Duty”.

Answer by GoGo Girls
Yes you are legally bound.

Answer by Stephen
Yes you are unless there is a valid reason not to. Taking kids to school is not a valid reason

Answer by scott b
Yes, you are legally bound to appear. If you ignore it, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest, and you’ll be charged with Contempt of Court.

What part of “threatening me with a fine and jail time if I do not show up.” is unclear to you?

Answer by Elias
get one of your daughters friends parents to pick them up. you need to go to that summons it sounds like

Answer by Edvado
You could be in a lot of trouble. I would contact the court and try to make some sort of arrangement or come up with a better excuse.

Answer by Nancy M
Yes you are …. end of story.

Answer by Rationality
A judge can and will order a bench warrant for failure to appear. You best bet is to talk to the judge’s clerk, if he has one.

Answer by gallardo
you have to do it..
the government vs your kids
when they say fines and jail times,
they mean it
its a real pain

Answer by Kinch
There’s info on family/financial hardships and how to file, but they must be valid reasons, if not then you must attend.

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