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Posted in Child Support on 15th October 2012

Doe my ex husband have to help out with “extra’s” for my daughter like : school clothes, sports, semi formals?
My ex husband has not paid childsupport since October 28 (we live in Ma) I tried getting intouch with him and his wife took over the communications sayiing that he could not “deal” with it. My ex does not help out with extras like school clothes and stuff like that . He barley sees his 13 yr old. When she broke her pelvis on August 25 he came and saw her for about 30 mins and then did not see her until Nov7……The wife just started e-mailing me yesterday to tell me that they have met their “obilgation” and that I will not be getting any extra money that it “my problem” She then starting e-mailing my daughter the definition of “obilgation ” and “child support”…..What can I do???
Shannon….I get 200.00 a week and that gets put directly towards my daughter…What my question is stating is that when my daughter ask her father for something he tells her no that he pays childsupport and has met his obilgation…children are not “obligations”…..I currently am saving money for college for my daughter and putting her through braces…Its a shame when a father does not want to be invovled with his daughter and I don’t think”dealing with it ” is the answer. There is more to this story then you think…He has been a year behind before so when I don’t get the childsupport it does have some cause for worry….I’m sorry that you have such anger towards this situation but thank you for “answer”
Thank you Philip!
To the person who told me that I should be “ashamed” of myself….I will never be ashamed of myself when it comes to providing for my daughter. She is and ALWAY will be my priorty…Shame on you for saying that…I hope you never wind up in my situation.
My daughter was 16 mths old when the support order went in..My mistake not to have it added But I was only 24 ys old….I’m not asking him to handover money ALL the time but when things like camp and softball and things of that nature come , I would like it if he paid 1/2 of it….I don’t think that that is asking too much…I also think that his wife had no right to e-mail my daughter that note about her being an “obilgation” she is a daughter…NOT AN OBILGATION who deserves the best of what BOTH parents can give her!

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Answer by “TYRANT”
if he meet his court order obligation ,he don’t have to do anything else!…..case close !

Answer by sentenna
He needs to pay support.
But he does not need to pay for school clothes, that should come from his support.
He does need to pay for half when it comes to sports.

But they are right, they are not responsible for all the little extras, you are.

Answer by Forlorn Hope
take them to court… he should have an obligation to pay child support (and that isn’t for “extras”) until she is 18…

Answer by Annie
Have you gone through the courts. If not, do so now. They will make sure he pays whether he wants to or not. By the way, If he pays child support, the money is suppose to go toward clothes for the kids and whatever the child needs. Your exs wife is a very selfish, childish woman. You might be happy that your daughter does not spend time with this sorry excuse for a human being and his wife. GET shild support ordered.

Answer by highgoals28
You cannot legally make him help out with anything else once he pays his child support that is court ordered. I am a single mother and I also went through periods with out recieving any child support. If the child support office doesn’t enforce the court order your hands are tied. If your ex-husband pays his child support all you can do is have your teen age daughter ask him for something when she sees him. If and when she goes for visits to her father’s house try to pack her only 1 outfit and nothing more. Have her ask him to provide any other things she needs while she is there. Also, have her talk privately with him.

If you feel you should be recieving more child support contact your child support worker and find out when your case is due for a financial review.

Good luck.

Answer by Shαnnδn
What you do, is cut back on your expenses.

You’re getting what, $ 500/mn? $ 800/mn? and you can’t afford to buy her clothes with that money?
What do you spend it on?
Your rent? Your mortgage? Your food?
Do you put $ 500/mn towards your daughter?

How much are you really spending towards your daughter?
We presume it’s a *negative* number if you’re like most ex-wives.

He is obligated to pay for half of additionally incurred medical expenses not covered by insurance.

He’s a week behind on CS not a year; sorry deal with it.
You can’t make him be involved in her life.

Answer by Philip
He will pay in one way or another for not being there for her or helping out with her financial needs. Just keep doing what you are doing and everything will be ok. Jerks like your ex make fathers who care about their kids look bad and I wish I could tell him that face to face and hope he gets angry. 🙂

Answer by Marilyn
he pays the support, but she has an ignorant nerve sending your daughter that note, in other words telling the child she is an obligation, only.
it is disgusting that he dint come to see her regularly when she broke her hip, he sounds very weak like his wife controls him, he could take her clothes shopping for his Christmas present to her.
he really needs to act more like a father.

Answer by Valerie X Account #22!
He is only “obligated” to pay what the court orders.

Answer by ouragon
Child Support should cover these items. Non custodial parents are not cash cows. They are doing the right thing since you obviously don’t understand boundaries. Maybe he’ll be more interested in seeing his child if you aren’t constantly hitting him up for extra money. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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