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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of girly_girl : Do you think this is “school leavers” ?
Okay, I’m turning 16 and the school is to let me enroll un to school, so I home school my mother does not know why I do home schooling “can do. I have a weak immune system and a cold last me sometimes 3-4 weeks. I have 9 text books that I work with my money now gebracht.Sie tell her whole family I have a “high school drop-out” bin. Which is not true, I mean very high bars to bystanders. I wake up at 8 clock and work all the way until dinner time dinner but study hard in my room and eat, work clock to 19:00 Monday Saturday.Also although my mother got all D’s in school and said, “Oh, if I just Sun took you to. ” My mother also tells me when I turn 16 this month, she will say, I am an adult paper and kick-me sign out of the house! First, I would have no idea where they go! But do you think I am a “high school drop-out. It really annoys me because they say my 8 year old little sister has it. She tells all not good friends, I am a “drop out”. What do you think ……. for a few reasons why I did not back in my school – Low ummune system I get really sick-I have a lot of my children in my school. One child killed anther child in school! He is on trial now – I learn better by myself, I will not go to any balls, ect commings home-I do not LeuteJedesmal if I have a cold I have to go to the hospital! Which is like 9 times a year or more they do not clean the class room “do it the teacher,” and if the teachers are not paid to do it, they do not get it. The bathrooms get cleaned once a month is werden.Leider this is what I am I ment.Okay to turn 16 and the school is to provide me un enroll in school, so I do home schooling können.Meine mother does not “know why I home schooling do “(All the work I do for homeschooling) Best Answer.

response of information
I think your mother is very hard. I also wanted to be trained to a home as the offender in the school. Mama just did not understand and thought it was not the same height. In the end I was out and got my GED. I am currently goes to the College.Was exactly is the reason why you want to be trained to a home? I recommend you still go to school and miss because you will have seen on the experience of being young, with friends, prom, etc. I miss those things and wish I could be there much longer (and I’m only in my early 20’s ). When we are young we are always ready to grow, grow grow too fast. But you think you have your 30 friends, 40’s 50’s, 60’s feel to 70’s, etc. “large”. As for your mom kicking you out, what are your options? You said no right? I recommend you hold out, because you under her roof, and are you still the Schule.Viel luck

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