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Posted in Child Care on 13th February 2011

do you think that “CNN Hero’s” on tv tonight ,is just attempting to praise communism?
every one of the so-called hero’s is a person who is doing “great’ things for their community…great,right? who would possible argue with that? right?…
case in point…one young man lost both his legs in a boating accident,then devotes his time going to congress to have a law making insurance co’s pay for children’s prosthetics…anyone who would argue against that is a monster…right?…this is the whole point to the program…to get government to “take care” of these sorts of things..CNN parades these people to us in order to shame everyone into silence about governments redistributing wealth(communism),in order to “help” people…what their real intent is to have govt do this with ALL things,not just tragedies…
…what these liberals and socialists do not teach in their schools is that in order to do this the govt must tell you where to work,and how long to work,so THEY can distribute your money wisely…this is slavery…imagine govt health care…a doctor wants to help people…he goes to school and afterwards wants to work in his home town…the govt tells him there are enough doctors there already,we need doctors in whatever city…he cannot work in his chosen field…he cant be a doctor…this may be acceptable for health care to some,but under socialism and communism it is the same for everyone’s job…health care is just something people tend not to argue against…you are owned by the state…this creates a new aristocracy for people in the govt…am i the only one who sees this happening?
proud…very inciteful
also the international feel of the program is to promote one world govt…

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Answer by Proud Texan

Answer by continually amazed
Absolutely. CNN’s prime directive is spreading communism. Thanks for pointing this out. You’re really sharp.

Answer by Big Daddy
You actually are the only one who sees it because you are just angry and delusional. I hope things improve for you soon. It really will be ok, and I hope CNN quits showing all of those quadriplegics and dying and suffering people because they make feel like I’m not being a good enough christian and that guilt is tough.

Answer by Anna P
I think you only watched part of the program. Many of the people were doing projects in other countries. The changes in health care will NOT be as your imagine. Your language shows that you get your “information” from right wing radio and Fox News–bad idea. They are wrong most of the time. The new health care insurance reform does NOT mean there will be more government doctors. And right now government doctors (VA, military facilities and state hospitals) are free to go wherever they wish to practice. This true information makes you somewhat ignorant, doesn’t it?

And if you had a child with a missing leg, would you only want coverage for ONE leg for hs or her entire childhood?

Answer by ♥Heaven♥
Disagree. >0

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