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Posted in Child Care on 6th October 2013

Do you think christian dating websites, women should clarify “no children” when she had an abortion?
My buddy was on a Christian dating site chatting with a girl, she had no children to their profile. Then came the issue of abortion, and he finds out that she had an abortion. I think they should need is an option to “I had a child, but I decided to cancel” instead of making “no children”, says. My buddy wasted a lot of time chatting with this woman before he found out. Most Christian guys are not going to want a woman like at this time, you know Best Answer (s):

response from cassio peia
your friends list should be one of the duggar sknks

answer so far by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
It is not a man’s f *** ing business. 🙂

answer by Dana the Great (яє ∂ нσт)
Abortion does not prevent them from becoming a mother, it makes you the mother of a dead child.

Reply uberdork
wasted time? Well, that’s not very nice. The times not wasted if they were friends. You can never have enough friends.

Reply by Freak Of Care
Cool story, bro.

Reply by Jessi
What could possibly be a site able to clarify the women what they “no children” think of when she had an abortion? How would the site know even know if the woman decided to lie?

Reply 0
I somehow doubt that women about abortion on a dating site unterhalten.Es would like to talk haemoroids its inappropriate sein.es was a guy messing with you

answer by Dr. Frog, Flying High Again
Yes, because that’s what a grown woman chose to do with their bodies is entirely your Geschäft.Sind you not on it stoned to death now not a virgin?

response from Dash should
How clear about whether she is still a virgin?

Reply rumbler_12
Hmm, that’s right most evangelical Christians see it as a sin and they do not really forgive sin, they give lip service to the Wort.Also this woman must now wear the scarlet letter? Fairly shallow friend I would sagen.Keine children means children. If she had an abortion then no children and had never Kinder.Ich am sure that your “friend” he is so lily white pass judgment on this woman. “Let who is without sin cast the first stone”. Jesus Christ

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