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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2012

Do you think it is possible to married is sick?
I’ve been married for almost 5 years. We have been together for 6 1/2. At the beginning of of his marrage in drugs, and all that he later soberd up and stoped (I do not know if he stopped altogether, I have rumors that he still heard) and then took a little more drink, he likes to go out and “party” with his buddies, we have 2 kids at home, I work full time and tend to the children, yes, it works and takes our son to work with him. (He has a beauty shop). When we fight it’s usually about him drinking and stay out. Here latley he has not so much that done, but I feel like I “do not care” more! I gave it all taken from him and now he wants to try i dont! He’s a great father, and I love him, I do not know what to do! Please help any advise! Please do not hate full answers Best Answer (s):!!

response from PonderousPork
yes, it causes violent diaherrea

Answer by Private P
I think it took a total loser You must have done drugs at the time also. Bail out. The Messlatte.Ich’m not hateful, this is the truth is to do with my heart, a step now, life is too short to save. The rest of your life

response from Craig B
Sounds like he does not know how you feel, make sure he does. Also, how far are you willing to go to get it back or lose it completely. There must be a middle way, or you have to accept it or leave ..

response from zara
marriage is a sad sad company.

reply by ashley-marie
might have to sit down and talk to him about all of this need. I mean, yeah, it’s good to get other ppls opinions but it’s always best to sit down and tlak the person you are having prblems with … perhaps, get your parents or someone you trust with your life to watch the kids for a weekend and you two should be gone .. Have time to themselves, and … to work on your relationship think! and I wish you luck!

response from KNOCK
I think I can complain about ill, or to say to someone in order to keep a job, you take out the trash, do not hang around for retards or to act right or not drugs or to control himself … you know take things to do in life?

response from sxybrwneyedgrl29
no offense or anything, but have written the way u .. I stayed with him through his drug problems, he fixed that, then he will drink and celebrate with friends took it, but he is not doing that a lot lately .. hes a great father, and I love him .. Sounds like u ………… but really more into the marriage, when chaos and drama is when it really is not, I mean .. the time of the left, was when he was his drinking and partying on drugs, or on the height, but u just said that everything has calmed down what .. and that he is a great father, so ummmmmm what is the problem now?? that he did not screw up, so ur bored?? cause u dont have anything to complain? sorry i dont just get it ..

response from bestadvicechick
well to answer your original question: Yes, I think it is possible to be “sick” to be married. Marriage is hard and it is working – it commit, to love that person in its highs and lows. Unfortunately it sounds like you were there for your husband through a lot of downs. He realizes that? Does he appreciate how strong and good woman, you’ve visited? If not, then maybe this is the reason why you annoy him now. It sounds like you have an attitude of “too little, too late,” I did not blame you at all! Most women would probably have left him a long time ago, he has to know that! You need to sit down and talk – you tell him honestly how you feel …. that you were the ROCK for your family for so many years because he was too drunk or high, it had to be done. And now, great … he finally his act together, but he needs to understand what was a burden on you … how difficult it has been. He has to begin looking. These ASAP and 110%

Answer by Tom S
Actually, you need to get only one life …. They focus too much on the children and not on itself … Go to the gym, to a tennis league, get dance lessons …. etc.. It’s like nothing else .. You need to get a life! to enjoy it!

response from foxman
been there. but I love my wife and I have overcome it. it’s not a one way street. we all have to grow, play a qiut. yes most people want there cake and eat it too

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