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Posted in Babysitting on 21st December 2012

Do you think that I could get a babysitting job?
I am 17 years altIch’m a guy, that’s important, I know, I have really good grades in Schule.Früher I was a volunteer tutor at a local elementary school sein.Ich have also be used to keep children at the public library lesen.Darüber, I used them to children in the mosque to lesen.Ich’m a big guy, and I love Kinder.Und if so, How do you think, should I advertise my presence Best Answer (s):

response from GS
I see positive opportunities and negative ways. “Babysit” a 17-year-old, a 6 to 10-year-old active male child would be a big bonus for working parents. I can only imagine someone tired my little son before I get home. Now for the negative. “In the mosque” would show me that you are the Islam faith. In this day and age in America, this could be a strike against you. Also, consider this man’s religion Muslim women’s work, so you may not find in your own environment. Try advertising in your local paper.Just you should keep yourself safe going on interviews.

response from Eliza Bette
, as long as parents think ur gunna do not like rape, their children then yes. jst people say everything you posted here and do not sound at all creepish. goodluck!

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