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Posted in Babysitting on 18th November 2010

question from Lisa : Do you think baby-sitting a real job ?
I think it is. It’s hard to keep working with children all day! Much harder than most jobs Teens (working title have a cash register, putting donuts in a box ,…). I’m not saying those jobs are easy, but if you have any babysat, you would know how much babysitting are undervalued. I mean, not even the parents think babysitting is a daunting task, there are hardly paid anything and people always say things like: “Do you have a real job” or “You just baby-sit” and expect but the parents as much from you! I mean, sure, that their precious possessions, their children, but some babysitting also expect you to know CPR. How many parents know CPR? Thanks to all! And yes, I’m not talking about life on paying only for babysitting, but this does as a job as Teenager.Es’m sorry if I was rude, I have not tried on these jobs Bag (cash register & donuts), I was just picking jobs that people look at real jobs and wonder if people as a babysitter, the same kind of real job than that Best Answer.

answer by Alec S
baby-sitting is a real issue for young people, it is not Karriere.Aber is a day care center.

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