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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

Question by Pink Cowgirl : Do you think a mother “title” (Sahm and working mother) makes them superior to other moms ?
Or is how she deals with what you have? I’m not pro-Sahm nor am I pro-working mother. I am pro-mom period. One thing I noticed here is the whole back and forth between Sahm hitting and working mothers. Perhaps many does not mean, but I have to say I’ve noticed that some Sahm of “cava” in working moms, saying things like “I do not want strangers raising my kids.” “I value my children over money.” “My children mean more to me than my career.” Working mothers feel more or less the same way, but many feel as a mother who need the second income to adequately support their hijos.Tenemos a lot of Sahm is where I live that does not properly support their children . They get on welfare, Medicaid, WIC, food stamps and any other type of public assistance they can. I do not believe at all that these women are superior to me, just because they have the title Sahm and work outside the home. Is the title that makes a mother more than others or do what she thinks is right for your family ? Caninele: See that’s where you’re not seeing the bigger picture. Sahm Being a mother does not make you superior, because you’re home with their children. Sahm I have seen many who are so angry with their children to be with them all day that always scream and yell at them, they spend most of the day lying on the couch or on the Internet, and do not properly care for their children. I do not care whether technically called Sahm, they are not superior to a mother who does what he had in order to ensure that their children have a good lifestyle and education. So I guess you think that even if parental income is not sufficient to support a family without a working mother, then you should still be a Sahm, even if it means taxpayers and the government must help support their children? Well I’m sorry, but not the responsibility of the boys to support my children. It’s mine. And if that means I have to work outside the home to get a paycheck, then that is my responsibility as madre.Sólo want to comment on the woman who was offended by comments about Sahm on welfare stamps Food and Medicaid. Do you think that all mothers, whether Sahm moms or working mothers do not have the same worries and concerns about providing for their children? We all do. But the difference is that some fail to do so but only on the income of parents and 2 of income, while other income do parents and taxpayer money. Where do you think that money come from to pay for this type of government assistance? The government does not have a money tree somewhere that take money to pay for welare, food stamps, Medicaid. This comes from the money paid by those who work each year in impuestos.Algunos need extra help, and that is one thing, but what about couples who already have to be on public aid to support children already have, who decide to have more? They rely on public assistance to support their children, they do not mismos.Antes to choose the best answer I just wanted to say OLDSCHOOLMOM said that what he was trying to say, though perhaps not in the way he said it . This means that a Sahm must have the ability to be a better parent in some asspects, but many do not try. Sahm How many of you think are those who sit on their backs all day (Well, after sleeping in 10:00), and then watch soaps, talk on the phone, or get on the internet. Who will take approximately 10 minutes to throw a frozen meal in the microwave for their children, then return to do anything productive with their children. Who does not Sahm, but spots are lazy, ignorant of their children most of the day, and then complain when her husband comes home how difficult it is to be home with children all day the way that never helps. Having the “title” Sahm not in any way, shape or form do a better woman and mother. It all depends on what they actually do during the extra 8-10 hours a day with their children. Best answer:

Reply by Connors mommy
You gotta do what you gotta do. I am a mother who works during the week, and a housewife semana.Estoy purposes of the agreement, there are a lot of attacks, but that’s because we have all the social classes that the time internet.de complete work and have to put my child in daycare, that’s something I have to deal with. Who cares if someone is too proud to be hosted on home … I work, and have an adult conversation with my co-workers …. that’s my cordura.Supongo in the end, i the value of time for me and my son. Little things mean a lot to me soo, since I can not stay home all the time. But I have to work to put food on the table, and stay off public assistance. I think I have too much pride.

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