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Posted in Babysitting on 20th December 2010

do you know any jobs that will hire at 14?
My daughter, Macey, wants a job. In her words “a real one, not just babysitting”. Do you know any places that will hire at 14? a website? or anything. id really apprecitate your help. thanks a ton!:]

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Answer by darkshnider42
Mc Donald’s is your best bet. That is where i had my first “real job”. Meaning got a pay check not just cash for odd jobs. Good luck.

Answer by “McRib” NREMT-P
Not in the USA. Child labor laws pretty much prevent it. Or if they do, it is like an hour or 2 a day at the most they she could work. Most anywhere will just rather not deal with it. They can hire a 16 year old pay them minimum wage, and not have to deal with the majority of the laws. My advise tell he to enjoy being 14. Those years are gone before you know it.

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