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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th November 2010

question kcal : Do you have “mothered” in two different countries ?
My father spent 4 years in Mexico in the late 60s (13-17 years), because his father got a job transfer there below. I asked my grandmother what it was to raise her 3 sons in another country and then returned to the USA by the end they bring you. Can you please answer a few questions for me? I’m on a school project for a sociology of the family class arbeiten.1. Which two countries have “mothered” in? How long have you been there? How many children do you have and how old they were? 2 Did you learn the language? 3 Do you work? What have you done? 4 Why were you in another country? 5th Was the plan to move there permanently or was it always be a temporary living situation? 6 Do your children go to “American School” (My father did), what kind of school they have to go? 7th Did you find it was hard to keep family traditions to live abroad? 8 Did you pick up new traditions there? *** I would especially women who are 55 and younger are hören.9. What difficulties did you have come to live abroad? 10 Do you think it benefits your children? How so? 11th How did the work has an impact on your relationship with your partner / husband? 12th What kinds of different traditions and have you noticed between your approach to motherhood and the motherhood of locals / nationals? 13th Any other stories and comments are welcome, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with me! I appreciate it .*** Please include your age, so that I can embed a reference point in my project. Many thanks Best Answer:

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It’s like an interesting project sounds, I’m sorry you got no answer. I would ask him a general question about raising children in another country and then when all the answers, go into more detail with them. Good Luck!

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