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Posted in Babysitting on 13th June 2011

Do you have a friend like this? I need advice? What should I do?
Sorry if it’s long 🙁

So first off I’ve known her for a while, and in 4th grade we used to be really close friends and separated in 5th and some of 6th. This year we have 2 classes together, and we have a friend like this. Sorry if this is long.
Anyways, on facebook and the internet she acts like your best friend, but in reality she’s a spoiled brat. She eats sh** all the time and remains a stick, and then shes all “Ugh! Look at all this flab!”. She doesn’t have any flab. I know she just says it so people will tell her “OMG you’re so skinny”. She feeds off of it. I’m self-conscious abut my weight, I have the slowest metabolism in the world. I mean, part of it is because I’m lazy but still, I exercise a lot and always remain the same weight.

So she’s really judgmental. If you say a weird thing to her, she’ll get this really stupid face and treat you like your dumb. Also, she’s really conceited. She thinks she’s so smart. Once, I asked her a question in math and said “This is how you do it right?”. I was sure I was right, I just wanted to make sure. Then she goes “No that’s not even close. This is how you do it!” then she shows me this really messed up way of getting the WRONG answer. I ended up asking the teacher. She always implies that I’m really stupid, and it frustrates me.

She is really spoiled too. She goes shopping every day. She brags about it constantly, and it gets annoying. She always says “Yeah I need a new dresser. I have 2, but they’re both overflowing.” It makes me mad, I’m not jealous, just tired of hearing it!

When I FINALLY told her who I liked, after she promised not to laugh or anything she goes “Ew why do you like him? He’s ugly”. The guy she likes isn’t such a looker himself.

I always ask her if she wants to hang out and she says “Sorry can’t, Im babysitting.”. So today she called me and asked if I had the papers for the science test and im like “Ya im studying”. Then she says “Me and Sarah (our friend) are studying too, in between babysitting”. So she invites Sarah over to babysit, but not me. She always brags about the people she babysits. She thinks she’s so good at it. She always texts during it, usually she texts me and says “UGH! Im sooo bored. Im bbsittin againn! :/”. She acts like she loves it. Then one day, it was like 10:00 and I was at the little girls I babysit house (One’s 3, and one’s 10). So I texted her once they were all in bed and say to her “Heyyy was upp?” and she responds “nothin hbu?” so I say “nutin rly boredd. im bbsittin” then she goes “Haha im glad u dont bbsit my kids, ur not even watching them” then i say “theyre in bed already” and she says “Haha sure”. It really made me angry.

Then also, once for health I needed to wear a skirt, so I asked to borrow one of hers. She gave me one in the size “Youth L” so when I gave it back, she texts me and says “Did you lose my skirt?” And i told her “No i gave it back” then she said “No. It wasnt in the size Youth L. It was a small.” I told her she was wrong and we ended up getting in a big fight. She’s always talking behind my back and starting fights with my friends.

Okay so there’s a lot more, but this is really long, so I cut it sort. Im really sorry its so long! So thanks a BUNCH if you read it all! (: Please tell me what I should do. I want to stay her friend, but the stress is really tiring me out.

Thanks SO MUCH in advace!!

10 points for best answer!
marie- Thanks for answering!

ו ĸŋoω нυн!- whinge? lol I love your profile picture!! And thanks for your advice

Jasmine- Not really lol, I live in Ohio

Alia-Good idea, maybe I’ll try. But i doubt anyone will stop talking to her. She has them all “brainwashed”
♥Icє Crєam Quєєи♥- Thanks, I think you’re right
VegetarianTriangle- Aww sorry to hear about your friendship! 🙁 Thanks! Oh! And I think it’s really cool that you’re a vegitarian(:

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Answer by marie
well to be honest there isnt much to say, You need to confront her and tell her how it makes you feel the stuff that she says, And to be honest she isnt a nice person at all and you shouldnt be friends with her at all she treats you like shit,

Answer by ו ĸŋoω нυн!
It sounds like this friendship needs to end. She sounds like a complete whinge– a little chat isn’t going to help anything.

Answer by Jasmine
Hahaha do you live in the midwest? cuz it sounds like it? only kids from the middle of no where act like that! and I moved there after living in Cali for 9 years……..IT SUCKED! its not normal at all!
this one time some bitchy freshmen cut me and my friends in this really long line at school and everyone was like do something! so i was like “all you freshmen that just cut you’re little bitches and if you end up in front of me i will push you out of my way” end of story, they left hahaha
Just stand up for yourself
your smart and beautiful and she just needs someone to pick on cuz she knows shes not as good as you.
so end it or start picking on her back

Answer by Alia
I’m kinda in the situation to ….to be honest I had the same problem my friend will say stuff and judge me and talk about how she’s so fat and it really got on my nerves…..wat I would do is just dnt speak to her till she has cleaned up her act…once u stop speaking to her I’m pretty sure ppl will also stop speaking to her then she will realize the stuopid crap she has done and she will want u back…but yeah chill from her cuz u really dnt hav to put up with her crap… So she will either clean up her act and y’all will be friends or she won’t either way u dnt hav to put up with her anymore

Answer by ♥Icє Crєam Quєєи♥
Wow, she sounds like a ******

GO up to her face and tell her to get her act together or just to leave you alone.

She’s not a “friend”

Just ignore her. and Why would you want to stay friends with a person whose all spoiled and treats you like crap??

Answer mine


Answer by VegetarianTriangle
Yes, I have a friend like that… she also says things like, “Would you be mad if I threw this at you (ham take note I am a vegetarian)?” *throws* and… um “I really want to slap you right now… *slaps!* um… “OMFG I AM SO FREAKING FAT! (she weighs 120 lbs while I weight 145 and VERY insecure)”

you arent alone -_-

Answer by Cass6789
I hate people like that! Ugh! They are so hard to be friends with, and yet everybody “loves” them, when you just want to yell at them to SHUT UP. Try to stay away from her for a while and see if any thing gets better. Sometimes people mature and your problem could get better. Good luck, I feel for you!

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