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Posted in Child Care on 4th January 2011

Do you feel a need to take care of someone?
Not children, but strong desire to “take care” of a certain friend? Got a little co-dependency?

Best answer(s):

Answer by yaya t

Answer by ****.sam.****
Yes, I do.

Answer by y_r_all_men_insane
my friends when they are totally plowed, those dorks

Answer by utopiadominator
yeah,though at the moment i want someone to take care of me.

Answer by You asked, be prepared.
I do with my brother. He always seems to need taken care of even though i know the best thing would be to let him do it himself..

Answer by ☼Lizzy☼
not at all

Answer by Dr. Goodhi ©
no, they’re self supporting

Answer by They Call Me BROOOOCE
only my wife

Answer by Wendi lu who
When I see someone close to me in trouble or in need of help I can’t help but try to help.

Answer by blood angel

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