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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th February 2012

Do women realize this? Harassment is a tool men use to test leadership of a person?
I have heard all of this sexual harassment stuff, and I have studied a few cases. Each case, I say to myself, men say HELLUVA lot worse things to each other EVERY SINGLE DAY as a form of social, emotional chess, as to test each other out. Men harass each other constantly about ….

their mothers, “You should ask your mom about that…”
being ugly, “You’re getting older and uglier every day…”
being fat, “You couldn’t find pants in your size could you”
being a bad dresser, “You in that shirt is so don’t ask, don’t tell”
being non-athletic, “You run like a wounded animal”
being stupid, “You have the world record on being wrong.”
being weak, “My five year old could open that container”
being a coward, “He talks real sweet round boss man”
dating ugly women, “Was that a male or a female you were with”
dating fat women, “They wait out and he had to order three plates”
dating their own mothers, “Why does your mom always smell like your cologne.”

Now … this happens in police work, military work, security guard work, construction, mortgage sales office, janitorial companies, mining companies …

and it goes on ALLLLL day, guy on guy harassment. They don’t do because they don’t like each other, they do it because its a way of testing their personal strength and leadership ability.

If he’s strong enough for words, he’s strong enough to lead when he is going to be pulled in every direction … emotionally, socially, physically, morally, intellectually. The harassing is to see if he can handle stress, distraction. Is he tough enough.

Think Glengarry Glen Ross. A bunch of tough guys angry, yelling, swearing. Pacino was the toughest and the most respected… the social leader of the guys. If any of the guys take it personally, they are portrayed as weak, not the social leader….

Now women don’t get this … women think that the harassment is harassment for the sake of sexism. It’s harassment for the sake of… are you tough enough to lead, are you strong enough… the one’s that cry harassment don’t understand the game, the social chess, the emotional trial and error.

Do women realize this. Do you understand that greatest amount of sexual harassment is male friend on male friend harassment. Do you realize it is a form of social initiation. Do you realize to advance as a leader you have to be able to take it and throw it back harder … you have to be a hard azz pacino.
Here’s a good way to prove it out in the open as it is… on the opie and anthony show two guys that are best friends, Colin Quin and Jimmy Norton are ruthless towards each other AND BEST FRIENDS… it’s endless, there’s a clip on youtube (search Jimmy vs Colin Quinn) in which for a solid ten minutes they harass the HELL out of each other … because they are testing each others pecking order, they are both tertiary characters behind Opie and Anthony, both are border line succesful comedians, both are borderline unattractive, both are bad a relationships with women… the harassing is a way 1. of strengthening themselves against being unattractive and mildly unsuccessful against the larger opie and anthony who are off limits to their jokes. 2 figuring out which one is more central to the show 3. sharpening each others wit by practicing on each other. At the end of the day they hang out at each others places … not sexual harassment meetings.

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Answer by Yes Man

Answer by My thumb is bigger than yours
This has got to be some of the most ignorant drivel I’ve ever read.

Answer by Silas
You forgot the other reason we do it…. And that is just fooling around, we know that we dont really mean it, its just how it goes.

Answer by ky_by01
i hear it all day everyday but im the only girl working with four guys so none of that stuff bothers me and my guys can get nasty and mean but at the end of the day they still like each other

Answer by Pupsik=Luff
Hmmm… Interesting way to look at it. I always thought it was to see if the person was susceptible to being called such things. Now I get it. I do that sometimes too with my guy friends. I’ve always enjoyed listening to guys talk to each other because of this thing 😛

Honestly, I’ll laugh at sexist jokes. I’m cool with it! XD

Except if it’s the whole “Women can’t drive” thing. I don’t know why, but that’s the only sexist things that actually gets me upset.

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