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Posted in Child Care on 30th October 2010

question of Lany : Have we have the knowledge and skills to child care to go
i off the summer workin pepole in “Child Care” are known and they have no expertise, but I wonder that perhaps they have experience, or they were of Learnin college or whatever, that they know their capabilities and the application to “child care”. I love children and I also have Na 2 year old child and I want to go to work on child care, but I wonder whether we have the knowledge and skills to their Best Answer.

reply Vegan_Mom
Well, assuming that English is the first language, I want my child to care provider to be able to speak it well, or at least decent to know and to spell out how and what sentences are. In this way he / she can help teach my child (ren). I also want him or her a kind of education / training in child care (assuming this is for a kindergarten) have. However, worries me a whole day-care centers, and it is very likely one that is not good enough for my daughter, so I am a SAHM is. (There are few people I qualify to be considered care for my daughter and they are all members of the family.) However, this is just me and I’m picky.

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