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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th November 2012

Men Do not really like it when your child better than they? love
I would want him to love our child more than me. That’s how it should work in my opinion Best Answer (s):.

response from Braham
I think most people know, but they remain silent frustrated at their lack of attention. I from one single mother once a pouting I befriended the child, so that she would talk to me more than her mother, and her mother began, me danach.FRAUEN more attention, I tell ya

response from teachers teeth
It seems illogical, but also works for the marriage the parents. their relationship in the first place This creates a healthy environment to raise the child. Everyone benefits. The “common sense” approach to the commissioning of the child first destroyed the marriage that does it all hurt. Especially the Kind.Die people seem to think, to do it in this way means that you do not love your child or love him / her enough. It’s almost as if people think there is only enough love in a higher heart for one person at a time. So, would that love be rationed to the child first. And the spouse must only pay for what is left. It is an absurd idea.

reply by jesse c
It depends on the man, but most men (myself included) are big kids and want attention. If boys as they are competing for your attention with a child she can get angry and feel neglected, even if they understand intellectually.

response from Andy feel
don ‘t care about the Liebe.beide are so much different, but uniquely calibrated my mom, dad, brothers love equally, but in different Weise.Ich do not think my mother love us more than she loves my dad.Its different kind of love, but my mother seems to favor my father more.And I’m ok with because leaving in the next year or so i the nest, but they will always remain together until death part davon.Ich would not love my child more than my wife, I will love them in different ways and that is as it should be sollte.warum neglect or ignore your spouse? and I will expect my future wife to love us differently, I do not know about more or less in a healthy egal.EDITUnd family.Marriage always comes first, and that’s what my mother always tell us. My mother and father are with each other for more than 20 Jahren.Denken you always remember, if you neglect your spouse, when he will leave you directly after your child leaves. Marriage has to work, you just can not your spouse past 18 Jahren.Meine mother I always “the best thing you can do for your child is to love their father / mother” So your spouse and children alike will love, but different. This article is very interesting.And it written by a woman in yahoo shine Sαm
wird.von men jealous when they arent enough attention. Like an angry dog.

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