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Posted in Child Support on 16th October 2012

Do I still need to pay child support?
Im sure the answer is yes and will probably never make sense to me but; I started going to school this year since Jan, because I quit my full-time job and moved back w/moms, to save on rent, (work part time) I have found a lot more time for my 3yr son. Well I have been spending just a bit more time that mom actually does with him. We have court next month, I know the amount will decrease but “do I still need to pay child support?”
My child has and will always be first. I have been taking eve classes and graduate next semester. I buy him “everything” he needs and I am a great father to my son. but because I am the male I have to pay his mother no matter what? Just need some opinions with knowledge and reason
*than.. Sorry if I was not clear.. Yes, I have been, very happily, spending over 50% of time with him

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Answer by Crystal Remedy
Till that child turns 18 years old, you still have to pay child support by law. Sorry bud, your stuck for another 15 years. Why wouldn’t you want to support your own flesh in blood. That baby is half of you and half of his mother. Pull your head out of your ass!

Answer by Amy
I would say yes but family laws vary state to state and country to country. Family laws do not make sense to most of us!
If your son “officially” lives with his mother the rest don’t count. You tell us you are a great father but that is nothing to court. Family law is a joke!

Answer by Sweet Suszie
yes the answer is yes. you still need to help take care of your child. time is good but it doesnt help pay to keep a roof over his head, and shoes on his feet. this child did not ask to be brought in to this sititutation. He is compeletly innocent. He did not ask for you and his mother not to be married, or to stay together. All he knows is weather or not hes hungry when he goes to bed at night. do your level best to pay the amount that the judge hands down, and dont think of it as your ex is getting your money. that is your sons support, and he deverses the best of everything in life. He may only be 3 now, but he wont stay 3 forever, and one day you want to be able to say you did everything you could for him. trust me itll count in the long run. good luck!

Answer by danin
Ok, you had a child and want to put yourself first with your education. I suggest you get your education or most of it over as quickly as possible and then do the rest at night or externally. Your child is fine at moment but you will need to find money to support him/her when they start school to save for their college.

If you are living with your child more than 50% of the time, than the mother may be the one who could pay for visitation. If you are going to visit the child less, I don’t see why you should not be still contributing to your childs welfare. It is your child first you second. That is what adults do.

Answer by Jeff Nelson
why wouldn’t you still need to? did he your child stop needing things just because you started school, and started spending more time with him? did he stop needing clothes, food, diapers, toys, etc because of your new circumstances? lol. get real…

Answer by LIPPIE
Sure, he is your child, you helped make him, he is your responsibility.

Answer by Maxi
“I buy him “everything” he needs” he needs a roof over his head, food on the table daily, 24 hour care…………..you are 50% financially responsible for that until your child is 18 years old ad so of course you need to pay support for your child…they can’t live just on fresh air and love………………….

Answer by bleuroze
It’s presumed you are providing an equal percentage of support and time. If he is there over 50% of the time, you are already providing over 50% of his care and support must be modified appropriately.

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