HomeChild CareDo feminists have a right to interfere in the human family?
Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of AlanSmithee : Do feminists have the right to interfere in the human family ?
a feminist here, claims that feminists “make sure men equal quantities of the childcare and housework” and wants another one in another question, said: “the double shift for women relieve to be responsible for the work and child care. ” As feminists plan, these laws? Put camera’s in everyone’s home? I think this stuff should not be completely up to the family and feminists intervene in the lives of people Best Answer.

response from Christina
Yes. Order should be a happy marriage and a happy life, this kind of things to discuss with your husband and reach an agreement with him. After a comprehensive statement about how all life couples should do is stupid and will not work well for everyone.

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