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Posted in Babysitting on 8th June 2014

Difficult “best friend.”?
Im a freshmen in high school and nobody came to the high school I went to after we left middle school cause its so far away. *Anyway I had a friend Emma and she was one of my best friends. We had SO much in common and our though process was remotely identical! She, in my mind, has been known to ‘take jabs’ at people, mainly me. We are both immensely competitive with each other: as we play all the same sports and get the exact same grades; not to mention we had the same friends. She admits she is a jealous person in general but this is getting out of control!
I KNOW I don’t take jabs at her, cause its my biggest annoyance. One example went like this:
“Meghan, so didn’t you say there were a lot of nice people at Hill Ridge”
“Yeah there are, why”
“Oh interesting…. that’s not what I’ve heard.” <--Not needed! *************************************************** Another time was when I saw a little kid and I said, "aww look at that kid! gorgeous little girl!" And she says, "You hate kids! Why do you never babysit!" I sharply replied, "Em, you don't know my life. So stop saying it like you know it better than me!" *She just glared at me. *************************************************** Finally, I have an all-time best friend that I met through my brother when I was 3 years old. We have been best friends ever since and Emma is crazily jealous it seems. Just today she comes over and says, "Soooo how are you and Emily..." And I say, "um.. good" She said, "Well didn't you guys get in a HUGE fight or something. That's what you told me... that you guys are drifting apart." And I just said, "Em, once again, stop narrating my life! I think Emily and I know our friendship way better than you do." *** Just a FEW examples that stuck in my head- its really irritating so what do I say to her so that she'll stop doing this and be nice! If nothing works, what can I say (without losing my temper) to make her realize that she's being ridiculous! THANKS GUYS:) Best answer(s):

Answer by 丂ム刀イム ロア乇尺ム ズ尺ム刀乙ᄊム丂 「くん尺ノ丂イᄊム丂!」
Then, you should just move on if you think that someone is taking you down or tell someone to stop doing things that get your feelings so low…

Good luck!

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