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Posted in Child Support on 4th January 2012

Different States Calculate Child Support in Different Ways

Article by Kristie Brown

Child support can be the biggest bone of contention in any divorce settlement. How many times have you heard people complain about the high rate of support they’re being forced to pay, sometimes to the point where the non-custodial parent can hardly afford to live and make payments at the same time? You may have wondered how the court arrives at the figures for support the way they do, and this article is going to provide you with a general outline of what you might be up against if you, too, end up getting a divorce.

Basic child support rates are set by the state in which you live. In order to write the formula they base support payments on, lawmakers considered:

* The needs of the child. For example, if you have a child with a disability, his or her needs will be vastly different from those of a healthy child. * The lifestyle the child would have been entitled to had the parents not made the decision to divorce.* The amount the non-custodial parent needs to retain in order to support his or her own lifestyle. * Allowing for other children from former relationships the non-custodial parent may be required to support.

Some states base their payments on the income of both parents while others only base them on what the non-custodial parent earns. In the states where only one income is taken into consideration, the parent will be required to pay whatever the court deems equal responsibility for the child irregardless of whether the custodial parent makes a huge income on their own.

No child support agreement is set in stone. Haven’t you heard of people who have exes who are constantly dragging them into court to try and get more support? There are also couples who walk on eggshells around one partner’s ex for fear they’ll do something to trigger a fight for more support. Try to keep your support payments current. If your circumstances change, then it’s prudent to go back to the courts and request that your support payments we lowered. Not making payments will only hurt you.

Child custody issues in case of a divorce are headaches and heartbreaks for everyone involved. The non-custodial parent may feel like he or she is paying for a dead horse if they are seldom allowed to see their children. However, the children are very much alive and deserve your support.

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